A Jewellery Lover’s Guide to Building the Perfect Ring Stack


How to wear stacking rings

Jewelry has lengthy been aspect of human civilisation, with the oldest recognised jewellery getting dated as considerably again as 25,000 years in the past. More than millennia and throughout various cultures, a lot of aesthetics have appear and absent, but some fundamentals of jewellery design and style have stuck all around about prolonged intervals.

A current craze that dates at least as much back as the 16th century is ring stacking. What is a ring stack, and how can you create your possess? Right here are some stacking ring ideas that will aid you create your very own fashion-forward ring stacks.

What Is a Ring Stack?

If you’re fascinated in enhancing and constructing seems to be with distinctive and lovely jewelry, then constructing a established of stacking rings will be the excellent selection for you to experiment and get imaginative with.

A ring stack is only a selection of numerous co-ordinated rings that are worn on one particular or a lot more fingers at a time. This could necessarily mean 4 rings on 1 finger, 8 rings unfold more than 4 fingers, or 20 rings across ten fingers.

Since carrying and styling jewelry is an personal and creative encounter, the way you put on your ring stack is solely up to you.

When it comes to stacking rings, the most widespread illustration is simply stacking an engagement ring with a wedding band. Sometimes these two rings are developed to complement just about every other in phrases of condition, model or colour. If ordered at various occasions they could be fairly various to each individual other, but still look excellent as a set.

While this is a pretty normally seen version of ring stacking, it’s far from the only form of ring stack. Stacking rings are a fashionable and creative way to bring your jewelry ensembles to the future degree. 

How to Construct a Ring Stack

Solid gold stacking rings set

When building your ring stack, it’s a great idea to create your colour scheme. Do you have a ring that you put on every working day, like an engagement ring or wedding ceremony band? Keep this in brain when deciding upon stacking rings, as you may perhaps want to pick out rings that match or contrast with the ones you’ll by now be carrying.

Also do you have a most popular metallic color that you have on or do you like to mix and match metals? Do you have a most popular color or variety of gemstone? What other colours will compliment it? Having a tough idea of the colours you want to be donning on your fingers is a wonderful setting up point for your ring stack.

Following, you want to build your baseline ring stack, which you can blend and match collectively or include one or far more colourful or more daring patterns to. Beginning off with slender, simple band rings that are meant for stacking is a ideal way to begin crafting your baseline ring stack.

Take a glance at our sets of reliable gold stacking rings and silver stacking rings, alongside with our easy rose gold ring as likely beginning details. If you like a lot more minimalist and uncomplicated styling, then this may well also be your finishing place for this unique stack.

At Simone Walsh Jewellery, we offer you a wide selection of rings in valuable metals and gemstones that are specially supposed for stacking. Choose a appear at our full stacking ring options.

Obtaining Creative With Your Ring Stack

Sunburst and citrine gemstone statement ring

Do not be fearful to have entertaining when building your ring stack – or to improve your stacks all over frequently.

Although a absolutely gold or entirely silver ring stack is normally likely to be a common look, you should not be intimidated by mixing your metals. It can be a wonderful way to get your ring stack to function with your other jewellery and presents you unlimited possibilities in designing your daily seems.

At the time you’ve picked out the perfect baseline established of stacking rings, it is time to throw in some more intriguing parts. Finding out rings with greater stones or broader bands can be a wonderful way to make your ring stack pop.

You could opt for a person or quite a few gemstone stacking rings to insert pops of color to your stack. Alternatively, obtain some statement rings or cocktail rings that genuinely talk to your have own style and add a person or more of them to your ring stack. 

Placing at minimum 1 ring on each and every finger can be a bold way to make your ring stack stand out. This option will be an eye-catching addition to your wardrobe. The trick to performing this is to have an array of ring sizes that fit your various fingers. Master more about how to get the job done out your ring sizing.

Getting a excellent selection of varied rings in diverse dimensions will usually aid you to be more creative with your ring stacks and enable you to adjust them up often.

A Ring Stack for Each individual Occasion

One of the best aspects to building your have ring stack is that it’s generally customisable and extendable. You can alter the selection and arrangement of your ring stack each individual working day if you’d like! Just after all, your ring stack and jewelry decisions are all about expressing your own private design and style. 

Have an party coming up and planning on putting on simple gold earrings and a necklace? Consider off your silver rings and keep on slim, gold bands for a traditional, stylish glance. 

Getting prepared for a exciting night out? Throw on some vibrant gemstone rings and statement parts to spice up your look. Blend your metals to incorporate to the vibrant vibe.

Your ring stack need to mirror your individual one of a kind design and style and need to be a selection of rings that operate greatest for you. Do not be worried to modify up your ring stack for versatile appears to be that are great for all instances.

Gifting a Ring Stack: What You Have to have to Know

Looking for the ideal present for that unique another person? Research have proven that most women choose to be offered jewellery over any other style of gift. Purchasing stackable rings is the great way to establish your a cherished one’s jewelry selection in a meaningful way that will work for them. 

Solid gold birthstone rings

So how do you choose out a ring stack for a person else?

You need to start by getting a search at the jewellery they by now have. Use the jewelry and rings they already have as a beginning place for shopping for stacking rings. For instance, if they adore gold jewellery, gold stacking rings could be a ideal addition to their jewellery assortment. 

Acquiring your lover a ring with their birthstone is a fantastic and particular way to let your cherished a person know that you enjoy them. Just take a seem at our sophisticated birthstone ring assortment. These rings are the excellent addition to any ring stack and include a personalised pop of colour.

Really don’t ignore that you will need to know which sizing to acquire for them. Verify out our ring size manual for help.

Entire Your Jewelry Selection With Stacking Rings

Developing a ring stack is a terrific solution for any person who enjoys jewelry. At Simone Walsh, our cautiously built ring stacks will assist you elevate your type to the next stage.

Wanting to obtain stunning parts that match your ring stack? Find some of our finest marketing jewellery in this article. 


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