Top fashion and beauty trends for 2021

Fashion and beauty trends are ever-changing, and the summer is the perfect time to try out some new trends. So, if you are planning on spending your summer out and about or sunbathing in your garden, here are some of the top fashion and beauty trends that you need to know to keep stylish until the first frost hits.

Perfume Subscription Boxes

Where once you would have to head to a store to choose your favorite perfume, now you can get it delivered straight to your door in the form of a perfume subscription box. Although beauty boxes and calendars have been popular for some time, there is nothing quite so luxurious as being able to try out a new scent every month until you find one that you love. Then, you should consider looking at what the monthly perfume subscription from Scent Magic has to offer you.

Second-Hand Clothes

With more people now focused on saving money and protecting the environment, second-hand clothes have become more coveted than ever before. There are also now many ways that you can search for and buy exciting second-hand clothes, whether these are vintage pieces or from local sellers. For instance, popular fashion apps like Lyst and Depop can help you to find exactly what you are looking for, for a fraction of the price that you would pay for it if it were new.

Quirky Clothes

However, many people have learned to cultivate their own style during lockdown and to forget the trends of the past. Not only this, but more people within the retail and fashion industry have decided to open small businesses online and on the high street, meaning that there is a much larger range of quirky fashion options available. This has then led to more people looking for unusual finds, such as those from independent stores and designers or those with bright and bold patterns that you would be unable to find in a high-street chain.

Bright Make-Up

With most countries starting to loosen their restrictions somewhat, many people are excited about going out and about again, and this has led to a rise in bright makeup. For instance, bold lips have come back into fashion, as well as extravagant eyes. This can then help you to stand out from the crowd and ensure that you can make the most of your newfound freedom.

Wide-Leg Pants

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us one lesson, it is that skinny jeans should have been thrown out in the trash long ago. If you have got used to spending your days in loungewear and are in no hurry to return, then you should consider looking at pants that are in a wide-leg fit. These come in a variety of different materials and designs, from smart cotton for workplaces to floral viscose palazzo pants for lazy summer days.