The Journey So Far For GlamCityz


In 2020, I shared how I started out Glamcityz. Now, I will share with you how the journey has been so far.

I began running a blog at the age of 17 and it was all about news and amusement. I started out with the website Orangecityz. But as time went by, I also preferred to get into vogue, so I produced GlamCityz.

Creating content on trend is far more hard than developing material on Information & Amusement as you have to appear up with lots of thoughts, examine quite a few content articles on manner, and observe the hottest design and style trends.

When for news and enjoyment, there are heaps of sources for you and you really do not even require to do much to get your tales.

And even even though vogue blogging seems far more operate, it’s nonetheless exciting. You get to see purple carpets glance from stars and even get to evaluation some products.

When I started out Glamcityz, I started out on a free domain, With time, I moved to my have domain, Now, I have to fork out for a web page that does not carry any money.

Since of my like of composing and talking about vogue, I stored on keeping the website, I experienced to preserve the slight adjust I get from my parents to pay for the maintenance of the site.

Fast ahead to 2019, I closed my information internet site Orangecityz as charges improved when I had operate two internet websites together and it was draining to publish content on two sites. I know what you are contemplating, I could have kept blogging about fashion on Orangecityz and not even designed Glamcityz appropriate?

Yeah, but I desired to individual them, let every single a single stand on its have. With time, GlamCityz received far more viewers and audience.

Rapid forward to 2021, when I obtain tons of emails for collaborations. Makes from diverse parts of the world desired to collaborate but they want to pay minor for this kind of collaborations. Following substantially bargaining of price ranges to spend, I occasionally reject the collaboration.

There are periods when some brands would later on alter their head since they really feel Glamcityz isn’t as major as they want and they will look at collaborating in the upcoming.

As time retains likely by, I can see powerful alterations as the blog keeps progressing.

I could don’t forget when I begun the web site and was only copying articles from other vogue influencers, one of them had to get hold of me and told me not to duplicate information from her anymore for she will get “further actions” against me.

Very well now, whenever she publishes her written content on social media, she tags Glamcityz so she can get extra views and she is also a single of the stalkers of the web site. And now that Glamcityz produces its authentic articles, there are heaps of weblogs that search to Glamcityz as the supply of their content.

Why The Tale?

Beginning one thing can be actually difficult and exhausting, you just really feel like you never know what you are undertaking. Folks will make enjoyable of you, they will even inform you, you are squandering your time.

They are only projecting their fears on you. But since you know what you want for yourself, go for it! Even however I am nevertheless to determine out what course I am moving towards, I know my targets. We also require to try to remember that it is ok not to figure it out yet.

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The most crucial thing is your final results (achievements). Your results can look like distinctive matters – sending revenue house, surviving on your individual, receiving external recognition and even your independence.

While I am however to get it all figured out for myself, I hope you obtain your voice and get by yourself started off with whatsoever goals you want to chase. Bear in mind, you just have to choose the initial stage and you will know the following step to get.

Continue to keep at your goals and really do not give up. I am rooting for you and I hope you are rooting for yourself much too.

I hope whichever I have composed in this article has influenced you just one tiny little bit. As time goes by, I give y’all an update on GlamCityz’s journey.

With Like,

Ben Orange.

If anything stood out for you, kindly drop your thoughts and comment down below.


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