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The fashion industry is an extremely dynamic industry that’s constantly changing, and these changes can have roots in anything from vintage styles to social media trends. The industry’s style trends dominate the world more than they ever have before in the twenty-first century, controlling not just how people dress but also homeware design, beauty, and people’s overall attitudes. In this changing era of a far-reaching fashion industry, Akashi-Kama is a brand making waves through its traditional yet modern styles, a mix of Japanese and American cultures. For anyone looking for some clothing inspiration, Akashi Kama will pique one’s interest instantly.

Akashi Kama

The brand started when Alec Nakashima was looking for traditional clothing that to wear in a modern, everyday setting. The entrepreneur couldn’t locate anything with all of the intricacies and specifics that he was looking for, and so decided to create his own. In 2018, Alec founded a company called ‘Akashi Kama’ with the main focus being on creating something that represented multiple cultures intertwining. Nakashima has stated that the name ‘Akashi Kama’ is not intended for literal translation.

The brand’s pieces are created with the highest quality of fabric and are mostly influenced by Asian-American culture, resulting in an aesthetic of extreme detail and minimalism mixed with contemporary street wear. Many of its fabrics are imported from Japan and are cut and colored in an old-world technique, resulting in exceptional quality. Wearing these unique fashion pieces is precisely a way of displaying design aspects of two different worlds. The brand’s design details are the result of several cultures colliding to create something entirely unique. And while the brand offers sweaters, cardigans, tees, hoodies, and many other essential items that one could ever want, the Noragi jacket is the brand’s star item- a game changer.

The Infamous Noragi Jacket

Akashi Kama is known for its signature Noragi jacket, which is made with high-quality Japanese material. The silhouette recalls a simple blazer with front closure ties, instead of buttons down the front. The Noragi jacket is a simple yet attractive garment that was traditionally worn by the working class in Japan. It is similar to the chore coat in that it is a light jacket that may be layered with a T-shirt and even dressed up with a tie or with a solid-colored shirt. This jacket is a one-of-a-kind piece of outerwear that is sure to turn heads and has been a game changer with its subtle design details and premium materials.

Fashion trends come into prominence and then often fall away quickly! But by drawing on elements that are hundreds of years old, Akashi Kama’s fashion aesthetic aims for timelessness. The Fashion Industry is truly at its best when it helps bring cultures together in a unique and creative way, and allows individuals to express themselves proudly and appreciate cultures melding over time.

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