Winery Outfits: What to Wear to a Winery


Winery Outfits: What to Wear Wine Tasting (and what NOT to wear)

Whether you are planning a getaway to the vineyards of California or have a date night planned with the hubby, this post will cover everything you need to know about winery outfits. We have done our research on what to wear wine tasting and are sharing 13 of the best outfits by season. But first, if you have not been to a winery before, there are some cardinal rules to follow when dressing for a day of wine tasting.

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Winery Outfits

Fashion Tips When Going to a Winery

1. No High Heels

If you are planning a full day of wine tasting, prepare to be on your feet. Wineries can get busy with large groups of people who are doing the exact same thing as you: hopping around tasting the best wines in the area. Seating can be minimal, so try to avoid high heels. Low chunky heels or wedges are ideal. However, if you are going for an evening tour or dinner at a winery, heels are absolutely doable.

2. Avoid Heavy Lipstick When Wine Tasting

It can be tempting to want to reach for your favorite lipstick or matte gloss to pair with your winery outfit. If you do, prepare to reapply CONSTANTLY. Opt for a tinted lip balm instead. It will keep your lips better hydrated, provide a little color, and you won’t have to spend half your time reapplying it.

3. Take a Small Handbag

This mainly applies to a full day of wine tasting, if you are headed out for a date then a mid to large size bag is manageable. When you are planning what to wear wine tasting, especially for a full day, I recommend taking a small crossbody or wristlet clutch. This allows your hands to be free during tastings. In addition, as mentioned above, seating may be limited so there may be no place to set your bag. Something to think about!

4. Overdressing and Underdressing

While wineries offer a luxurious experience your winery outfits should not be formal. Keep the cocktail dresses at home, instead opt for a nice sundress. Sweatpants are also frowned upon for wine tasting outfits. While sweat pants are trending these days, casual wear in wine country (or small-town winery) is probably more upscale than “normal causal”. Use this as an excuse to show off a really cool outfit and dress up a bit.

5. SPF is a Must with Winery Outfits

Any dermatologist will tell you that SPF is a must, even on the cloudiest of days. That is why it is super important, if you will be exploring the vineyards, to layer a good sunscreen under your winery outfits & makeup. I use this hack for my favorite (expensive, but clean) sunscreen!

6. Wear White with Caution

Can you wear white to a winery? Yes! Can you spill red wine on yourself? YES. White is so pretty to wear at the vineyards for wine tastings. It’s chic and timeless. But you have to wear white with caution. If you easily spill on yourself, save your white denim jeans foe champagne houses. However, if you can be cautious and careful, or plan to drink only white, then go for the white outfit!

7. Skip your Perfume

A huge part of the wine tasting experience is smelling the wine. If you want to have the full experience, skip your perfume that day!

Can I Wear Jeans to a Winery?

Yes! Denim is accepted now more than ever before. Some wineries will be more upscale than others. Do a little research on your location beforehand to get a feel for how you should dress. Look them up on social media and see how others have dressed there. If unsure but you want to wear jeans, then pair your denim with a satin blouse, cashmere sweater, or chic blazer to dress it up a bit. Juxtaposition is the key to winery outfits. Pairing your favorite pair ripped jeans with a silk blouse and blazer is a great example of this.

Spring Winery Outfits

Wherever your winery is located, Springtime can bring about the most beautiful flowering blooms. But also, be prepared for rain. Check the weather in advance and plan your outfit accordingly. I prefer planning late spring activities in hopes of warmer days and less rain. Vines slowly start to blossom this time of year. They should be mostly brown with little specks of green buds.

Maxi Dress  //  Sunglasses  //  Earrings  //  Purse  //  Sandal


Chambray  //  Tank  //  White Jean  //  Mules  //  Bag  //  Earring  //  Bracelet


winery outfits

Dress  //  Jacket  //  Bag  //  Sunglasses  //  Shoes  //  Earrings


Summer Winery Outfits

Summer winery outfits should be thought out with hot, hot temps in mind. Especially if visiting true “wine country” the weather will be WARM. I love that a linen blazer for early and late summer, it is light and breezy but structured and elegant. For the hottest of days, go with a flowy dress for comfort and style.

wine tasting outfits

Linen Blazer  //  Tank  //  Shorts  //  Sandal  //  Bag  //  Necklace  //  Earring  //  Glasses


winery outfit ideas

Dress  //  Hat  //  Necklace  //  Bracelet  //  Bag


Dress  //  Sunglasses  //  Necklace  //  Bracelet  //  Bag  //  Sandal


Fall Winery Outfits

Fall is the prettiest time of the year to visit the vineyards. Fall foliage alongside the beautiful vines calls for the perfect wine tasting outfits. I would opt for muted tones to offset the vibrant hues the landscape will provide. Here are some of my favorite fall winery outfits.

Top  //  Jeans  //  Duster  //  Shoes  //  Bag  //  Hat  //  Sunglasses


winery outfits

Dress  //  YSL Bag  //  Boots  //  Sunglasses  //  Earring  //  Bracelet


Sweater  //  Skirt  //  Bag  //  Boots  //  Sunglasses  //  Bracelet


Dress  //  Cardigan  //  Clutch  //  Boots  //  Necklace  //  Bracelet


Winter Winery Outfits

Anything that has layers and tons of warmth for chilly days and nights. You never know where a wine tour will take you, so plan for layers. If in California vineyards, always pack an umbrella, in case you get caught winter rain! Remember, the vines will be dead and brown this time of year, so there probably won’t be as many photo ops the vineyards this time of year.

winery outfits

Top //  Jean //  Duster  //  Crossbody  //  Boots


Sweater  //  Jean //  Coatigan  //  YSL bag  //  Sunglasses  //  Boots


Sweater  //  Jeans  //  Bootie //  Sunglasses  //  Bracelets  //  Bag


Do Wineries Have Dress Codes

Most wineries do not have dress codes. However, they are beautiful establishments, often with rich history and well-dressed staff. Dress code or not, your outfit should be reflective of your personal style as well as the destination. If you are concerned about whether or not your wine tasting outfit is appropriate, I recommend looking at the establishments’ website & social media to get a feel for their aesthetic.

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