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The hit Netflix series Bridgerton has never been short of feisty female characters, and Season 2 is no exception. The latest installment of the sexy period drama focuses on Kate Sharma, a strong-willed and fiercely independent heroine who happens to be a little lonely. Fans also get to follow up on the lives of Penelope Featherington and Eloise Bridgerton as they struggle to reconcile their feminist principles with life in the Ton.

Sassy, soapy and chock-full of fashion moments, Season 2 of Bridgerton swaps bodice-ripping romp for slow-burn romance, all the while staying true to its outrageous sense of style. From jewel-toned, puff sleeve dresses in luscious fabrics to dazzling accessories such as pearl drop earrings, silk gloves and towering wigs, the series continues to be a feast for the eyes.


With Regencycore fashion still trending, now is the perfect time to delve into the personas (and wardrobes) of your favorite Bridgerton leading ladies – sorry, Anthony! Explore what your preference for demure Edwina Sharma or her outspoken sister Kate says about your style, and get some inspo for your S/S wardrobe to boot.

1. Eloise Bridgerton – the Proto-Feminist

If your favorite character is the headstrong and deliciously sarcastic Eloise, chances are you’re drawn to this empowered woman’s swagger as she navigates 19th-century society mores. You’re likely to share her frustration at constantly being told to ditch the books for ballroom dancing lessons. That’s not to say you’ve reached her level of sass and self-assurance – in fact, it’s probably your tendency to fall into people-pleasing behavior that makes Eloise’s badassery all the more appealing. In the Regency era of prim debutantes and condescending men, Eloise Bridgerton is a rock star.

As an alterna girl with a love for all things bold and androgynous, you’re all about emulating Eloise’s progressive attitude with looks that radiate tomboy cool, like this preppy yet edgy ensemble fit for a date at a hipster cafe. Anchored by a boyfriend shirt, denim long shorts and chunky loafers, the look also features a selection of unexpected accessories, like snazzy blue socks, chain earrings that channel subtle dominatrix vibes, and an ultra-femme handbag undercutting the street style vibes with a ladylike touch.

rolarola – Oversized Striped Shirt | LIPHOP – Skinny Denim Shorts

Megan – Buckled Loafers | Utsukushi – Chain Earrings

SUMME – Faux Pearl Shoulder Bag | Cottonet – Ankle Socks

2. Penelope Featherington – the Wallflower with an Agenda

Quiet and bookish yet full of inner resourcefulness, Penelope is one of the few characters on Bridgerton who makes you feel seen. The odd one out in the Featherington family, Penelope loves nothing more than a quiet afternoon reading a good novel – when she’s not sharpening her writing skills, that is. With a dreamy yet colorful style that contrasts her wallflower persona, Penelope embraces wardrobe staples of the Regency era, like empire waist dresses with puff sleeves, but in a juicier color palette.

Like Penelope, you appreciate the power of a brightly colored ensemble in delivering feel good vibes. This lemon-print camisole, paired with flowy pants in marigold yellow, strikes just the right note of whimsy. Add a quilted shoulder bag and ivory stiletto heel sandals, and you’ve got an ensemble that ripples with quirky touches while still being ladylike enough for a garden party. Complete the look with gold-tone angular drop earrings with a hint of ebony to signal your closeted dark side.

Odilia – Lemon Print Camisole | DABAGIRL – Pleated Wide-Leg Dress Pants
KATENKELLY – Rectangle Drop Earrings |
Faneur – Quilted Shoulder Bag | Anran – Stiletto Heel Sandals

3. Edwina Sharma – the Perfect Debutante

Sweet, demure and always dressed in pretty pastels, Edwina Sharma is someone who tends to do the right thing, whether that’s smoothing over a social faux pas or placating a distressed Queen. What sets Edwina apart from other characters on the show is her innocence. With her Regency-era princess vibes, Edwina speaks to anyone who dreams of having it all, including walking down the aisle in a perfect wedding dress.

While you admire feisty heroines like her sister Kate, secretly you’re all for Edwina, whose sweet nature and girlish dreams resonate with your romantic sensibilities. As a girl next door with occasional high-maintenance tendencies, you pack your wardrobe with sassy staples like white tees, candy-colored skirts and spotless Mary Janes. You’re most likely to complete a date look with a faux pearl necklace (or headband) and white nails to keep those pristine vibes strong.

rolarola – Logo-Printed Tee | Indesi – Tweed Skort |  Udin – Block-Heel Mary Janes

rolarola – Faux Pearl Headband | Shimme – Straw Tote Bag | innisfree – Real Color Nail (Summer)

4. Queen Charlotte – the Sassy Monarch

Always dabbling in some high-stakes matchmaking with her de facto advisor Lady Danbury, Queen Charlotte is a meddlesome and impetuous monarch. Arguably the most fun character on the show, she is utterly compelling to watch, especially when she goes from elegant and poised to scary in an instant. Her style runs the gamut from extravagant to punkish, and encompasses everything from silk gloves in pistachio green to outré dresses in gold brocade.

If Queen Charlotte is your favorite Bridgerton character, chances are you prioritize having fun in your life over everything else, sometimes to unpredictable results. Your wardrobe reflects this in the best possible way, with an emphasis on dramatic silhouettes, unexpected fabrics and bold colors. While some may balk at a sheer corset top in neon green, hot pink skirt and gold shoes, you’re thrilled to step out in an ensemble combining all three, along with candy-colored sunnies radiating VIP vibes.

Brickblack – Sheer Corset Top | Indesi – Pencil Midi Skirt | Seirios – Chunky Choker

Aisyi – Rectangular Sunglasses | LIPHOP – Square-Toe Sandals

5. Kate Sharma – the Reluctant Heroine

A fiery alternative to Daphne Bridgerton (Bridgerton’s golden girl in Season 1), Kate Sharma is a romantic heroine with a difference – she doesn’t want to be one. Exuding tomboy cool, the elder Miss Sharma has mastered horseback riding, hunting and shooting. She also possesses an array of feminine skills, including curtsying to perfection and putting together a killer ensemble at a moment’s notice. The empire waist dress in purple velvet she debuted at the palace, complete with matching mesh gloves, is a particular highlight.

Are you swept away by Kate’s wit and smoldering glamor? Join the club! Despite your protestations, you’re probably a closet romantic who loves fairytale-esque happy endings. True to your contradictory impulses, your wardrobe is a mix of the utilitarian and the unabashedly romantic, and there’s nothing you like more than juxtaposing a velvet camisole top with jeans and a cropped blazer. When it comes to accessories, though, you can’t resist adding a few lush touches, such as emerald green satin sandals, flower-shaped earrings in purple, and a black velvet hair clip. Chic shoes and accoutrements are key to lifting any outfit from smart to swoon-worthy.

Hollahop – Velvet Camisole | Styleonme – Wide Leg Jeans

Indesi – Pinstriped Cropped Blazer | KATENKELLY – Flower Stud Earrings

Kozozo – Velvet Bow Hair Clip | LIPHOP – Satin Block Heel Sandals


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