What Kind of Accessories are Most Popular with Norwegians?

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Norwegian is an excellent country for vacations, however its weather is quite complex. Norwegian people believe that “There is no such thing as bad weather, it is just bad clothing,” so, dress up according to the weather, wear all the necessary and desirable Norwegian accessories and add layers of clothes so you can enjoy yourself to the best. Accessories are an important part of Norwegian culture, so let’s check all the stunning accessories and see what you should consider buying. On the other hand, you can also check Reviewbirds to find out the best stores to buy these accessories from.

The top best popular Norwegian Accessories you should check out!

Following are a few of the best Norwegian accessories that you should keep in mind when having a trip to Norway!

Thermals and Suspenders

Since the North Norway side is colder, so Norwegian must wear warm undergarments. They add different layers of warm accessories like thermals, suspenders, tights, leggings, etc.

These accessories are a must to cope with the cold climate. Merino wool accessories are ideal and less irritable. 

Hats, Scarves, and Earmuffs

Ear muffs are a cool accessory to pair up with a scarf or hat. If you are not wearing a hooded jacket, then ear muffs can save you from the cold breezes of the town. Lightweight scarves look cool in the summer as well. Norwegian women put on a scarf with their dresses to look more glamorous and add a variation to their dresses.

Hats are also a popular accessory in Norway. Norwegians take their hats while going out to look stylish and ultimately save themselves from the scorching heat of summer.


One of the most popular activities in summer is swimming. If you’re a swimmer you will have interesting opportunities to do swimming. So swimsuits are your best friend’s summer this summer.

Bags and Sunglasses

Bags and sunglasses are always considered to be fascinating accessories. A good purse, backpack, or handbag is helpful to carry your important stuff with you while you are going to your work or just roaming around the city.  Norwegians have a large variety of all kinds of bags and they wear them with passion.

Sunglasses are best to protect your eyes from winter or summer sun. Norwegians Wear sunglasses to add more class to their style statement.

Raincoat and Rainboots

Almost every Norwegian keeps a button-down raincoat in rainy weather or when they go out in the summer because rain is pretty much expected in that season. Raincoats and rain boots are vital in Norwegians’ accessories list and they are so fond to have them to enjoy the beautiful rainy weather. Tall and short rain boots are popular in the city. 


Norway has enough snowfall to avoid falling on the snow. One should have crampons to walk in heavy snow. Norwegians always take their crampons while walking in the snow.

Mittens and Gloves

Mittens are cute little accessories mostly popular among women and children. People of Norway wear hand-knitted and machine-knitted wool mittens.

Wool gloves also bring comfort to enjoy in chilly winters day and night. They have a specialty that comes in a neutral size that fits all adults.


Whether it’s the heat of the summer or chilly blustery days, Norwegian loves accessories, and its Scandinavian designs are so popular. The quality of the accessories is extra-fine and the wool is not irritable. One can wear it as their style statement and for their comfort.

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