What is Micellar Water and Why is Every Makeup Guru Recommending It?


There are millions of tutorials on the internet about how to put makeup on correctly. While this is a great skill, an equally important aspect of makeup is taking it off correctly. If you only quickly wash your face with a cleanser thinking it took all the makeup off, then you need to know about “Micellar water”. Even a tiny bit of makeup on the skin can lead to disastrous results. It can cause acne breakouts, rash, irritation, and blackheads and can clog the pore with excess oil and dirt.

Now don’t be alarmed by hearing all the bad things that can happen to your skin if makeup isn’t removed properly. All you need is one good Micellar water and your skin will stay safe from any kind of issue. One of the most budget-friendly and effective you can buy is Garnier’s Micellar Water. Stay tuned I’ll soon write a detailed review on it!

If you still aren’t convinced about this wonder water then below is a whole guide about it for you.

What is Micellar Water?

Micellar water is not your traditional face wash. It has suspended surfactant elements that cleanse dirt and build up makeup products deeply inside your skin. Due to its effective purifying properties, it is highly advised by dermatologists to use it as a makeup remover.

You might think that the functioning properties of this cleansing water sound like wet wipes. While they are both used for the same purposes, using this multi-purpose skincare product is more cost-effective and environment-friendly. Also, it is more gentle on your skin and doesn’t strip it off essential oils like wet wipes.

What is the Best Way To Use This Water?

The recommended way is to use Micellar water twice a day. Once, when you are prepping your skin for makeup, any left residue is cleaned. After that, use it to remove the makeup. It is best to use Micellar water to clean difficult-to-remove makeup products like foundation, lipstick, liner, concealer, etc.

To remove the makeup, take a soft cotton pad and pour the Micellar water liquid on it. Then gently run it over your face and soon your makeup will start coming off.

Which Micellar Water is Best For Me?

Lucky for you, Micellar water is one of those rare skincare products that can’t go wrong for many people. Still, if you want some pointers to purchase the best one for your skin type, here they are:

Look for organic ingredients: Micellar water is something that is being used for taking the makeup off so the product mustn’t contain harsh chemicals. Go for the product that has more vegan and organic ingredients so that it can be used daily without irritating your skin.

Test the product on stubborn products: Not all Micellar water has the same product strength. You have to buy one that can quickly remove your makeup product. If you do natural makeup then most micellar waters can work for you. However, if you go full glam every day then you will need the strongest one. Do a patch test on products like lipstick and eyeliner.

No-fragrance: Always look for skincare products that have no-fragrance and no alcohol written on them. Products with fragrance and alcohol have a high chance of irritating your skin.

Look for hydrating ingredients: Pick a micellar water that leaves your skin hydrated instead of dry. If your skin stays moisturized after being cleaned by the cleansing product then it’s good for you.

Final Thoughts

If doing makeup is your daily thing, then you should not neglect taking it off properly. Not cleaning makeup correctly can have long-lasting damaging effects on your skin. Most drugstore brand offers Micellar water at a reasonable price which is why it’s a good idea to buy it. Even if aren’t much of a makeup buff, you can use it as a toner. The benefits of this wonder water are many and the downsides are none!

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