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My biggest skin concerns right now are pigmentation, skin dullness and a couple of pimples due to my recent poor sleeping habits. The main culprit behind these skin issues may be fluctuating skin oil levels, so I take it as a sign to start incorporating wash-off masks in my regular skin regimen.

My fellow YesStylist editors all know I prefer wash-off mask packs over traditional sheet masks. From herb-based formulas to sugary scrubs to pink clay masks, I’ve got all kinds of wash-off masks on my bathroom shelves, and I’m always eager to try new versions. This time round, I test IWLT’s Boosting Apple Soothing Wash Off and GRAYMELIN’s Almond Honey Pack. Both IWLT and GRAYMELIN are popular brands that I’ve never tried before, although I’ve read good reviews about their products. 

Boosting Apple Soothing Wash Off

Key features: 

▪️ Gently purifies skin and buffs away grime and dead skin cells.

▪️ Contains centella asiatica extracts to soothe and moisturize skin.

▪️ Suitable for all skin types, especially dull and dehydrated skin.

▪️ Infused with antioxidant-rich apple extracts to restore luminance in dull and tired skin.

My take: 

Usually wash-off packs come with a hard plastic spatula, so I was delightfully surprised to find that IWLT’s mask came with a small and soft silicone spatula.

It’s easy to use, but when I got to applying the mask on the sides of my nose, I found it more effective to use my fingers. The mask’s gel-like consistency reminded me of W.Lab’s Acleaf Repair Pack. The IWFL mask has a mild and pleasing apple scent and an apple juice-like color.

I left it on my face for 20 minutes and the mask felt cooling on skin throughout that time. As instructed, I used the spatula to scrape off the excess before washing it all off. My skin felt softer, smoother and brighter after using the mask, and I credit the gentle exfoliation and antioxidant-rich formulation for delivering these skin improvements. 

Almond Honey Pack

Key features: 

▪️ Enriched with honey extract to smooth skin and restore its glow.

▪️ Contains Vitamin E-rich almond shell powder to scrub away dead skin cells.

▪️ Contains kaolin to absorb excess sebum and unclog pores.

▪️ Suitable for most skin types.

My take: 

The Almond Honey Pack comes in a soft mud-like texture that’s similar to most clay masks. The formula’s sweet scent is perhaps due to its mix of honey and almond powder

As the Almond Honey Pack didn’t come with an applicator, I used the silicone spatula from the IWLT mask for general application and my fingers for applying on the trickier parts of my face. 

After leaving it on for 20 minutes, the mask didn’t completely dry, which is a plus as it’s unlikely to dry out skin. The mask’s almond bits may be coarse on skin, so I didn’t rub it off with water. Instead I splashed lukewarm water on my face to soften the mask slightly before gently wiping it off. As the Almond Honey Pack works more like a scrub, it buffed away the dead skin cells on my face, and left it smooth, soft and visibly clearer.

The Verdict

The biggest difference between the two masks is that IWLT’s Boosting Apple Soothing Wash Off can be used every day given its gently exfoliating and soothing qualities, whereas GRAYMELIN’s Almond Honey Pack is recommended for use no more than three times a week. The latter functions similar to a scrub, so it may be a concern for those with sensitive skin, especially when washing off the mask.

Both masks deliver promising results. If you’re hoping for bright and refreshed skin, go for IWLT’s mask. If you want soft, matte skin with a healthy glow, reach for GRAYMELIN’s mask. Either way, both products are keepers in my vanity for the spring and summer season!

Exfoliation Gentle May be a little rough
Efficacy Bright skin Soft and bright sjub
Texture Cooling, gel-like Soft mud-like
After-feel Refreshing, soft skin Nourished, soft skin
Packaging Comes with applicator Applicator not included

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