Top Jewelry Trends For 2022 That Are Totally Worth Embracing


After living in comfy PJs with minimal accessories for almost two years, there’s no surprise we are redecorating our wardrobes with trendy attires and jewelry. From bold gold pieces to crystals and colored finds, the latest jewelry styles will certainly leave you sparkling. Summer is peak season for events and all things glam, so there’s no better time to upgrade your jewelry collection. Ready to discover the hottest jewelry trends for 2022?

Dainty pieces such as beautiful plumeria jewelry, candy-color jewels, zodiac accessories and bold gold chains––are among the jewelry trends currently making waves and there’s a lot more you’d be seeing this year.

Ahead of summer, check out the top 5 jewelry trends for 2022…

#1. Bold gold necklaces

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This year will be the year of gold chains, and this trend is not going away anytime soon. This season, there’s no shortage of luxury gold chains and you have a lot of variety of designs to choose from. A chunky gold necklace is such a power piece that it can take any look from blah to wow. Although this is usually more popular among middle-age women, more women––young and old, are embracing the timeless classic this year. When it comes to chainlink gold chains, you can link charms, talismans, lockets, and family heirlooms and personalize them as per your choice. Likewise, select jewelers are also able to customize gold chains/necklaces according to the wearer’s style and personality.

With stock market crashes and the current inflation across the world, more women are investing in real gold as a way to secure their wealth. While the price of gold can be volatile in the short term, it has historically maintained its value in the long run. With this evolving trend, age-old silver jewelry is becoming less popular as gold returns to the top. Also, since the young generation may not always have the resources to afford diamonds, gold designs are the next best thing when purchasing jewelry as a form of investment.

#2. Crystal drop earrings

Photo: Sharon Ooja / Instagram

Usually tens to hundred of tiny crystals are attached to a thin wire to form these earrings in hoops or dangle designs. Fashion seems incomplete without big earrings––which is why they are always in vogue. This season, there are trendier than ever and are a must-have jewelry trend for 2022. Popular among 21st-century women, these are perfect for special events but can’t also be worn for as everyday casual wear depending on the simplicity of the design. Crystal drop earrings are an ideal complement for formal attire, and are available in various sizes, forms, and shapes, so you can easily find one that suits you.

#3. Pearl necklaces

Photo: highlowluxxe/Instagram

Pearl necklaces were a popular trend in the early 1990s, and revived their popularity around 2010. Hence, it’d be right to say that pearls create a classic look that never goes out of style. They are indeed a timeless trend because pearls are precious gemstones that have been adored and desired for centuries. Authentic or lab-created pearl necklaces are made of several small beads of the same or varying sizes.

This year, as weddings and parties return to the social scenes, pearl necklaces are once again in high demand, making it one of the most popular jewelry trends of 2022.

#4. Candy-color jewels

Photo: naturallydidi/Instagram

What is the one attribute that sets any piece of jewelry apart from other details? It’s the color. Jewelry buyers have varied preferences for colors. While many like to see a mix of colors, others love monochromes, and some prefer single tones in their jewelry.

The year will be the year of candy––colored gems, which will be increasingly in demand. Therefore, one of the most popular jewelry color this year is the candy palette. And this is popular in both fast and high-end fashion brands.

#5. Chic rings

Photo: jacquelineayykins/Instagram

Every look is incomplete without chic rings, hence these are one of the biggest jewelry trends this year. Stunning rings with diamond cuts are increasingly popular among those who can afford “expensive.” For less costly rings, fantastic shapes are in style. Statement rings are always a trend and in 2022, we’ll be seeing more and more people wearing rings on their fingers. They’ll be sporting sleek designs that appear nothing like rings from decades past.

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The Take Away

Gone are the days when jewelry was just used to adorn your body. They have now become a remarkable fashion element used for many different occasions and often signify different meanings for different people. Jewelry trends come and go. Over the years, we have seen some significant transformations in the jewelry trends. 2018, for instance, was the year that introduced the trend of cuff bracelets, which earned widespread popularity. The year 2022 is expected to see a rise in gold chains and dainty floral jewelry, such as plumeria rings, pendants, and earrings that complement every outfit and occasion. Let us wait and watch how willingly we accept the new trends that are on the way.

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