Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

My choices for a new foundation are still rather limited due to lack of pale enough shades, though things has improved significantly in the last decade. I found this one while looking at Youtube videos for a recommendation for a foundation in a pale enough shade and I’m glad I gave it a try. Too Faced promises a medium-to-full undetectable coverage, a longwearing finish and a hydrating formula. There’s also a matte version of this foundation. I actually didn’t get the lightest shade in the selection because I feared Cloud looked too off-white, so I bought the second lightest Swan, but Cloud might not be that wrong for me, as Swan is a tiny bit darker than my skin tone. 

Texture: A typical liquid foundation that’s easy to blend and it’s not too fast drying. It feels light on the skin, it’s hydrating as Too Faced promises and the name fits well this foundation, as it’s one of those foundations like Bourjois Healthy Mix that aren’t obviously foundation-ey. However, I have to add that though this foundation and my skin generally get along great, when I started using a new retinol product that dried my skin, this wasn’t hydrating enough and it also didn’t blend as nicely (this only lasted a couple of days before I managed to “rehydrate” my skin). So it’s not as hydrating as It Cosmetics CC cream that’s hasn’t let me down yet when my skin was more dry than usual, but Too Faced is still my best foundation when my skin behaves normally, so most of the time.

Coverage & finish: It’s got a good amount of coverage, about medium, so I only need a tiny bit of concealer under my eyes and on blemishes/red marks, but despite the higher coverage, it looks like skin, it’s smooth and very natural. It also looks beautiful on pictures and it quickly became my favourite foundation, especially for special occasions. Since NARS’s Sheer Glow doesn’t look that nice on my dry skin anymore, this is finally a worthy replacement that fits my normal-dry skin. Finish is glowy in a very nice way and it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.

Staying power: It wears nicely through the day without flaking or making my lines very obvious.

Shade: Swan is one of the shades that I believe was added latter and Cloud is even lighter. Swan is a tiny bit darker than my skin tone, though it more looks off because of the yellow undertone, so it’s not ideal, but blends in ok. It’s about the same depth as Bourjois Healthy Mix 50 and 50,5. 

Packaging: A frosted glass bottle with a pump. The gold details are plastic.

Price & availability: I got mine of Look Fantastic for €36.45. 

I’m a fan of this foundation. It fits my normal-dry skin without feeling too greasy or not setting, coverage is good, it looks natural enough and it wears off nicely. Basically you get what you pay for and it feels like a high-quality foundation. The shade isn’t ideal and I might try Cloud once, though it still worries me it may be too light, but it could also be good for mixing with Swan.

Have a great day!

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