Tips for Choosing the Best Women Volleyball Team Uniforms.

Playing volleyball requires players to be super active because it is a fast-paced sport. To maintain this level of activeness, players need to have the best quality lightweight breathable jerseys. 

However, choosing a volleyball team sports uniform is not a walk in the park. This article outlines factors to be considered to help women’s volleyball teams navigate through the uniforms selection processes flawlessly.

Choose appropriate sleeve length.

Usually, most sports uniforms are available in three various sleeve lengths, namely; 

  • Long-sleeved jerseys with the sleeves ending just above the wrist.
  • Half sleeved uniforms are jerseys where the sleeve ends right above the mid triceps for women/female volleyball players.
  • Sleeveless jerseys are ideal for games played in the sun.

Choosing the best sleeve length requires that players are conclusively consulted since they are the ones who will wear the uniforms.

 Avoid pastel colors.

Unlike most sports, the volleyball uniform is never made of solid or pastel colors. There is a particular gradient in chrome shades where a team can have at least two different colors in the same jersey, which often makes the apparel authentic and unique.

For instance, if you have a grey and white color shade and the opponent also has the same colors in their jerseys, then there will be confusion. It is therefore imperative to have exceptional team sports uniforms with players’ names, positions, and logos printed on them.

Pick an appropriate length for the jersey.

Regardless of the volleyball’s team gender, the length of their jerseys should end a little on top of the mid-thigh length. Also, ensure that the bottom hemline is loosely fitting to allow players to move comfortably, given that volleyball is a fast-paced sport.

Since this game usually consists of players with different heights, the length of the jerseys will depend on the individual players; height. When players choose their apparel, this fact can make the process a more personalized experience.

Go for a high-quality fabric.

Commonly, polyester fabrics are used in the making of volleyball jerseys. All that is needed is to ensure the fabric quality used is top-notch. Consider features such as heat resistance, elasticity, and minimal sweat absorption rates to identify the best fabric quality.

This is a serious factor that should not be compromised even on a tight budget since volleyball players must feel comfortable during the game.

Consider the design capability.

While the fabric quality and the cuts are vital for great jerseys, people will most likely get attracted to the design. No matter the type of your team, it is imperative for the uniforms to look professionally designed.

Don’t go for average designs for their low prices because they won’t last and will disappoint everybody involved. 

Vet the designers effectively to avoid settling for manufacturers with limited scope in creativity, color alternatives, and premade designs. Remember, the team deserves better to motivate and boost their performance and results.


Having been effectively informed on the key factors to consider when choosing the best women’s volleyball jerseys, you can make a clear and data-backed decision on fabric quality, color, design, and cuts.

Ensure every detail represents your team to avoid no team duplicating the styles and cause confusion during the match.

Good luck.