Timex Todd Snyder: The Duo’s Latest Watch Is a Tribute to the Designer’s Famed NYC Storefront


235 W Broadway occupies a special place in the hearts of classic menswear appreciators. In the late aughts, it was the crown jewel of J.Crew’s empire of Ludlow Suits, chambray shirts, and Red Wing boots, and a veritable mecca for the guys who coveted them. The former location of a long-gone TriBeCa liquor store, its original neon sign and faded gilt lettering offered the perfect backdrop to the brand’s fresh take on Americana. Among the key players responsible for turning the Liquor Store into a fashion landmark, and by extension, making J.Crew the coolest mall brand on the planet? Todd Snyder. (Yes, that Todd Snyder.) So a few years ago, when the space came up for lease, the designer jumped at the opportunity to bring the Liquor Store back to life once again.

Today, The Liquor Store is one of Snyder’s two NYC boutiques—and it remains a destination for anyone in New York looking to buy into his comprehensive vision of American sportswear. As of this morning, it’s also the place you’ll find Snyder’s latest collaboration with Timex, an updated version of the Marlin dedicated to Snyder’s favorite slice of lower Manhattan real estate.

In its mix of mid-century details, modern dimensions, and everyday wearability, The Timex Liquor Store After Dark is textbook Todd Snyder. It’s also, the designer says, inspired by the Liquor Store itself—or more specifically, the customers who frequented it in its Mad Men-era heyday. It’s not hard to picture its gold numbers and black dial gracing the wrist of a bright-eyed young ad exec headed to a job interview—or the local watering hole for a three-martini lunch. 

Watches from the ‘60s tend to be smaller than most of today’s—34mm cases were the norm back then—but the Liquor Store After Dark bumps the dimensions up to 38mm for a more modern look. Finished off with a gray textile-and-leather strap (a sly nod to the ubiquitous gray flannel suit, perhaps?) and a Japanese automatic movement, it slots in neatly alongside Snyder’s collection of re-imagined classics. More than that, though, it’s a worthy tribute to a piece of NYC fashion history. At a hair above 250 bucks, what more can you ask for?

Todd Snyder x Timex “Liquor Store After Dark” watch

You can practically smell the 1st edition, leather-bound books and rare whiskey. —Gerald Ortiz


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