Snohomish manicurist absolutely Nails dazzling designs

You could call her the Queen of Creative Nail Art. Patrycja Tarnowska’s designs range from tie dye to ‘Tiffany blue’ inspired, from patriotic to playing cards – even rainbows with pots of gold. And that’s just the beginning.

She’s the multi-talented manicurist behind the Polish Me Pretty nail salon in Snohomish. The long and the short of it (yep, that’s a nail pun) is that she creates incredibly intimate images and more on teeny, tiny canvases.

“I love to create nail art because it helps me to express myself,” explained Tarnowska. ” When I start painting the fresh set of nails, I don’t know what is gonna happen!”

With an amazing array of colors, endless bottles of bling – and her imagination… the possibilities are limitless.

“Growing up in Poland, I was always creative, doing nails for my friends or family,” she recalled. “When I moved to the United States I made my passion my career. I have been in this business for two years but it was always my dream.”

Tarnowska loves transforming plain nails from boring to brilliant.

“When I’m taking my clients nails from drab to fab it’s kind of rewarding to me,” she said.

It’s what happens after her clients leave the salon that is so meaningful.

“I know they’re getting a lot of compliments,” said Tarnowska. ” And this makes them really, really happy!”

Many of her ideas originate from what’s happening in Europe.

“The thing that inspires me – I am always active with the fashion and beauty industry.”

She have us the scoop on the newest nail trends for summer.

“The hottest looks are definitely neon colors, teals, gold flakes, foils, glitter and of course Swarovski diamonds. When I use glitter, diamonds, I feel alive!”

Tarnowska enjoys coming up with fresh ideas for design.

“It’s definitely more challenging, and I always like to do something different than previously. So that’s why I always use so many different techniques. I think the most important thing is I know – I try to get to know my clients. and I personalize all designs to them.”

She can nail any idea her patrons want, but there is one that takes extra effort – and time. It can take up to two hours start to finish.

“The most difficult for me so far is reverse French. I need to extend your nail bed so it appears longer. Using special tools I need to pinch it so it has nice curved ‘C’ and then finish the look with sparkles and with beautiful smile line.”

Whether the manicure is simple – or complex, this salon is set up for safety.

“We need to follow right now the CDC guidelines. To keep ourselves and clients safe in these difficult times.” That includes a plastic barrier between Tarnowska and her client, masks for everyone, and breaks after each appointment to thoroughly sanitize everything.

We put her artist to the test and asked her to take my blah nails – beautiful.

“We will do the service called gel overlay. We have a beautiful blue teal color with some ocean waves some sparkles, gold flakes and Swarovski diamonds.”

She described the process. “We will take your old polish, we will do some cuticle work on you, add thin layer of gel to straighten your nails and then we add colors and art.”

The result – beauty fun, complete with a sparkly shoreline and its bitty shells. It’s like having ten little paintings literally on our fingertips.

“I think I’m a nail artist because I love art, and this is definitely my dream come true.”

For more info and inspiring images of Patrycja Tarnowska’s nail art, check out Polish Me Pretty Nail Art on Instagram and Facebook.