Saweetie on her upcoming beauty line, love for lip gloss and TikTok

Rapper Saweetie, the artist behind some of TikTok’s biggest anthems, has continued her meteoric ascent throughout the pandemic. After releasing smash hits like “Best Friend” and “Tap In,” she has emerged as an idol in beauty and fashion with multiple magazine covers and brand collabs. In just the past month and a half, she has appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan and received 4 million views for a TikTok video with Paris Hilton. (It evoked early 2000s style with Juicy Couture tracksuits and lip gloss.) While Saweetie got her big break with a viral Instagram video in 2017, her TikTok videos have also been hits for featuring skits with anthropomorphized Birkin bags, early 2000s throwback music videos and influencer collaborations. Coming up next, she will be introducing a new single at the Triller Boxing Match on April 17. In between rehearsals, she spoke to Glossy about her career and all things beauty, including her upcoming beauty line.

What are your biggest beauty obsessions?
Of course, my nails. If I get my nails done and I don’t like them, I’ll have a bad day. And then another one is hair — I’m always changing my hairstyle. And then when it comes to makeup, I really just love lip gloss.

Where do you get inspired with nail art?
I work with Temeka Jackson (@CustomTnails on Instagram), but my inspiration comes from everywhere. I like looking at Pinterest and I like looking at nail Instagrams, so that I can combine a whole bunch of things that I like for my next nail look.

Who are the main makeup artists you’ve been working with?
Deanna Paley (@deelishdeanna on Instagram), and then Twiggy (@beatbytwiggy on Instagram), who’s on the East Coast. Deanna did the “Best Friend” video, and Twiggy did “Back to the Streets.” The videos speak for themselves in the way that they just show the versatility and the importance of having a great makeup artist on set to bring your outfits and your looks to life.

What role would you say TikTok has played in your music career, especially over the past year?
I can’t ignore the influencers that enhance the visibility of my songs. I’m really grateful that the TikTok community has embraced my music in such great ways.

How did the recent Paris Hilton “Best Friend” video come about?
We clicked automatically, so that was such a great bonding experience for the both of us. And ever since then, we’ve talked to each other. I feel like she has my back, and I’ve got her back whenever we want to collaborate. We’re both fashion girls, and we like doing things that are fun and entertaining.

The video is very vintage 2000s. Are you a fan of the early 2000s Y2K style?
I’m definitely a fan of that era. [Hilton’s] outfits were such a staple, and that’s what we wore in the video. That’s something that I’m drawn to — the velour jumpsuits that make your butt look nice.

Tell me about lip gloss.
I used to put on lip gloss before I went to sleep as a little girl, so I’ve always been super interested in lip gloss. I liked the beauty supply stores and the flavors of cherry, lime, strawberry and grape. I used to collect as many tubes as possible as a kid.

Was that part of the reason you added lip gloss to your recent Morphe collab?
I’m just a makeup girl, in general. I love doing my own makeup. I like finding new products to use. Once I realized that makeup is basically like painting, it’s [hasn’t] really been makeup to me. It’s literally like paint. So, you’re blending colors, you’re mixing things, and you’re enhancing features on your face. Makeup artists are true artists, because it takes a special skill to do your face.

Have you thought about launching a beauty line someday?
We’re actually working on it right now. Lip gloss is the first thing that we’re going to be focused on, and just know that it will be aesthetically pleasing. All my Icy Girls are going to be so excited, and I can’t wait to share the details once they’re confirmed.

What do you think will be your top social platforms for promoting your music in the next year?
All platforms are equally important. When I say platforms, I mean Twitter, Triller, Instagram, TikTok — all of those platforms work congruently to help expand and get more eyeballs for whatever I’m releasing. I’m really thankful for all platforms, because they’ve helped maintain and elevate my brand in quarantine.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021?
I’m just excited to release my first body of work. Normally, my EPs have been seven songs, but this is the first time I have a body of work that’s 17-plus songs. I feel like, with every release, my brand, my team, myself — we only get stronger. I’m just really excited. Every time I do something with fashion, music, beauty or philanthropy, it continues to open more doors. So my goal is to continue working at a high level.