Road Trip Outfits: Be Stylish and Comfy


Road Trip Outfits

8 Cute Road Trip Outfits & Tips to Maintain Your Style

When embarking on a road trip, especially a lengthy one, it can be difficult finding the perfect road trip outfits. You need something that is comfortable and will look cute for any stops along the way and family photo-ops! Your outfit is dependent upon the length of your drive, the season, and the location. Having taken several road trips, these simple tips are what I follow to ensure my outfit has an equal balance of comfort and style!

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Wear Comfortable Shoes for Road Trip Outfits

Skip the heels and wedges for your road trip. Instead, opt for a pair of sneakers or sandals you can slip on and off easily. A classic white sneaker or black sandal will complete your cute road trip outfit. Plus, a chic slip-on pair will make exploring an area on-the-go super easy!

I prefer sneakers or sandals for road trips, but if you want a really polished and cute road trip outfit, try flats! This brand offers a huge selection of high quality, comfortable flats. They are 100% stylish. I own a pair and they feel like walking on clouds. Easy to get on and off!


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Layer-Up for Road Trips

Last Summer we drove 12 hours from NE Ohio to the Outer Banks. It was a beautiful 12-hour drive, but we decided to stop at an Airbnb mid-way to let our 18-month-old stretch his legs and get good sleep over night. We explored the area, and I was so glad to have brought layers with me. Not only was our Airbnb a chilly basement apartment, but the evenings were also cool.

Whether you plan to stop overnight or hit unexpected weather, an extra layer is never a bad idea! I would rather have more clothing, than less, when away from the comfort of home anyway!

Some great layering options for comfy road trip outfits are a stretchy denim jacket (size up one), lightweight chambray, crew neck sweatshirt, and linen button down.

Bring Affordable Sunglasses

Lost and broken. Both are more likely to happen when you spend an extended (and crammed) amount of time in the car. There is a lot to manage while on a road trip, especially if you have kids. There will be a lot of climbing in the back for snacks hopping in and out of the car for rest stops. The last thing you need to worry about is ruining your designer pair of sunglasses!

Amazon has a ton of great designer look-a-like sunglasses for a great price! My sunglasses in the picture below were under $20 and look so much like Bottega glasses! I’ve seen a lot of other fashion bloggers wear these and they seem to be universally flattering for all face types! Such a great accessory for cute road trip outfits.

Cute Road Trip Outfit


Minimal Denim for Comfy Road Trip Outfits

For the most comfy road trip outfits, only wear soft and super stretchy denim. Also, denim is best for shorter road trips, so if you plan on an extended trip, leggings and athleisure wear will be your go-to! Check out this post for a mini capsule wardrobe I put together featuring highly rated athleisure pieces.

These leggings are perfect for a road trip outfit. They are lightweight, SUPER stretchy, and take up very little space. Therefore, you could also pack them in you front-seat tote for a quick change of clothes.

Scroll to the End of this post for some great road trip outfit ideas!

Monochrome is Key to Cute Road Trip Outfit

The easiest way to look stylish for any occasion, including road trips, is to wear a monochrome outfit! Wearing an outfit that is one color instantly elevates a look. I love doing this with activewear. Pairing an all-black outfit and “designer” shades mentioned above will make your outfit appear high end! You’ll feel like a million bucks, too!

Large Tote for an Extra Road Trip Outfit

Pack an extra outfit in a stylish large tote, for an easy to grab outfit change. Use packing cubes to organize your tote and have all of your daily essentials within an arm’s reach. Packing cubes are great for toiletries and other personal items you may need on the go. Even more, the cubes can be taken out should you need a large tote for any roadside shopping!

Simple Makeup & Accessories

Keep makeup and accessories to a minimum for your road trip. Basic makeup is all you need to accentuate your cute road trip outfit.

For the face: some concealer (this is the BEST full coverage concealer), mascara, and bronzer is all you will need to look put together. For a full face, try this palette, it has everything you need to complete your look on the road.

Accessories: Keep jewelry simple and lightweight. Simple earrings and a stylish cuff bracelet will make your road trip outfit pop! For personal bag, opt for a convertible crossbody that can easily be dressed up or down. This bag for under $30 is hard to beat!

8 Road Trip Outfits: Cute and Comfy

These are all cute and comfy road trip outfits you can try for your next adventure! Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram

What makes these great is that they can be layered up for cooler temps and they are comfortable pieces for everyday wear too! Shop pieces by tapping the image or links below the image.

Cardigan  //  Tee  //  Legging  //  Hat  //  Bag  //  Sneaker


Sweater  //  Super Soft Jeans  //  Bag  //  Sunglasses  //  Sneaker


road trip outfitsLong Tee  //  Legging  //  Tote  //  Sneaker  //  Sunglasses


comfy road trip outfitsCardigan  //  Oversized Tee  //  Biker Shorts  //  Bag  //  Slip-On Sneaker


Tank  //  Linen Button Down  //  Bike Short  //  Sneaker  //  Bag  //  Sunglasses


cute road trip outfitDress  //  Jean Jacket  //  Slip On Sneaker  //  Bag  //  Sunglasses


road trip outfitsRomper  //  Jacket  //  Tote  //  Sandal  //  Sunglasses


Tank  //  Jacket  //  Shorts (size up)  //  Sandals  //  Bag  //  Sunglasses

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