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NEW YORK and MIAMI, July 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — For over a decade and a half, POSHGLAM has served pertinent news on fashion designers, brands, events, and trends, making it a great place to browse, shop and discover. While acting as a fashion philanthropy and working to formulate a way to sustain and rebound the industry, POSHGLAM partnered with Foley + Corinna and has raised funds for charity organization Children of the Night and the Breast Cancer Center at St. Luke’s Roosevelt.

Innovator, Kimberly E. Stone’s keen eye for good design stems from her experience of sewing since she was 4 years old and the ability to recognize and showcase noteworthy fashion talent. She has worked in cosmetics, for a number of spas, the dry cleaners, luxury retail, sales, and the fabric store. Her gigs also include commercial, print modeling and on-camera jobs.

Stone enjoys the experience of connecting with people with similar ambitions and talents. Recently launched art brokerage and holding company, daunt — with access to artists including Warhol, Cezanne, and Picasso — hosts a number of successful contemporary artists and their pieces in her network.

As an entrepreneur and innovator, Stone surrounds herself with other business minds to sharpen her acumen. She’s excited by information technology and how advanced society has become and is determined to take POSHGLAM for its next jump as the future of Fashion Tech.

POSHGLAM will reposition as a platform to bolster fashion, beauty, and luxury brands by quickly connecting industry professionals. Planning to launch its new app to connect the fashion community at large. Since its inception, POSHGLAM has spread to the international markets gaining mass readership in over 147 countries. Its network of millions and global footprints have helped established and emerging luxury brands around the world.

In June 2020, Stone combined her skills in fashion, social media, and digital marketing by launching the Little Black Dress Protest in response to the recent outcry about George Floyd’s murder and police brutality.

With much help from inspired industry insiders and hopefuls, POSHGLAM is well positioned for its next phase of development. The company has worked with numerous socialites and savvy business women and men, many of which found happiness in being a part of the brand and expanding their personal network.


Launched in May 2005, POSHGLAM.com is the “brain child” of Kimberly E. Stone – an entrepreneur and model. POSHGLAM supports established and emerging luxury designers and sets the standard for what’s new in the world of fashion. POSHGLAM prides itself on giving its readers exciting and pertinent news on designers and brands, events, and trends – making it a great place to browse, shop, interact and discover. POSHGLAM has developed a massive following in more than 147 countries.

POSHGLAM’s diverse group of writers – with loads of personality and varying tastes – give POSHGLAM a witty tone that equally matches the attitude that accompanies a true style maven, and helps readers gain a greater knowledge of luxury emerging brands from a fashion gossip’s perspective. POSHGLAM promotes artistic expression and makes the hard-to-find well known. The POSHGLAM philosophy is simple: combine the grace of glamour with the sophisticated opulence of the fashion world as a luxury digital media outlet.

About Kimberly E. Stone – Model, Artist, Inventor & Entrepreneur

Kimberly took to entrepreneurship at a young age after being encouraged by her family to start something of her own. She began sewing as a child and started off selling designs and accessories to friends at church and school. During her gifted classes as an anchor, she learned to read for the news. As a sports reporter in high school, she filmed and edited her own stories.

Her love for art, fashion, design, and media led her to start POSHGLAM, a luxury outlet in college, paying homage to talented designers in the space. With lots of humor, and footprints in over 147 countries, POSHGLAM is positioned as the international go-to platform for fashion devotees and hopefuls.

Kimberly has given advice and been featured in Yahoo!ForbesThe Washington Post, Business InsiderSuccess.comOpen ForumWomen2.com, and many others.

As a hands-on entrepreneur, her time is spent exploring new opportunities for the POSHGLAM brand, working on her brokerage daunt, and dreaming up future business ventures with like-minded peers and associates.

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