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The invitation promised a fabulous day in Wonderland, and it sure was. The Independence Village Mad Hatter’s Mother’s Day Tea & Fashion Show at South Shore Harbour Resort Crystal Ballroom in League City lived up to its billing. The hotel entryway and ballroom were transformed into a whimsical scene reminiscent of “Alice in Wonderland.” Iridescent balloons in the shades of the rainbow dotted the entranceway, forming the large backdrop decorated with red hearts. The Mad Hatter himself on stilts towered over the crowd and playfully posed for pictures with guests, some wearing colorful fascinator hats and costumes.

The event theme was the creative idea of Susan Bailey, committee chairwoman and board member. Bailey also serves as the volunteer marketing director. The other committee members were Phil Pampolina of PRP Entertainment and Melinda Emmons and Robert Emmons of Emmons Custom Clothiers. The Independence Village team includes Judy Slocumb, executive director; Kellie VanZandt, office administrator; and Jennifer Cooley, art director. Lending a helping hand were volunteers Angela Stephens, Juli Jungwirth, Marla Garcia, Denise Carter and Rose Gardner.

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