Old Navy Criss-Cross Faux-Leather Sandals I Editor Review


I’m probably really late to the game, but I only recently discovered the sheer brilliance that is Old Navy’s footwear section. Earlier this month, I fell in love with the brand’s Linen-Blend Pointy-Toe Mule Flats. (So in love, in fact, that they made their way into my suitcase for a trip to France.) I was amazed by their comfort, especially since I scooped them up on sale — and let’s face it, a majority of my expensive shoes are hella uncomfortable, so I definitely didn’t have high expectations for a pair of affordable-priced ones.

That brings me to my latest obsession, which I’m thrilled to reveal is just as comfy as the aforementioned linen pair. Enter the bestselling Criss-Cross Faux-Leather Sandals ($16, originally $20), which I knew I had to try when I saw they had a nearly perfect five-star review. I added them to cart in size 9.5 (yay, half sizes!) and mentally thought through what outfit I’d team them with (read: my favorite long black denim shorts and a cropped white tank).

In the product description, the brand describes these sandals as having a cushioned footbed, and in no way are they exaggerating. These slides feel like I’m walking on a cloud — or at least what I imagine walking on a cloud would feel like, anyway. Better yet, everything about them feels super durable, like they’ll last me well beyond this summer.

As implied by their high rating, other Old Navy shoppers are obsessed, too. “It’s the most comfortable sandal for the summer,” writes one reviewer. Another says, “I was pleasantly surprised by how much I love these! I think I’ve worn them every day since I got them!

I can’t forget to mention that these sandals also come in Cognac Brown, so you have options depending on which matches your warm-weather wardrobe more. The only thing keeping me from adding that color to cart too is that I’m almost certain I’ll be scooping up more styles from Old Navy’s footwear section this summer – and a girl can only have so many before it becomes a problem.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Marisa Petrarca

Criss-Cross Faux-Leather Sandals

Criss-Cross Faux-Leather Sandals

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