LeToya Luckett’s Daughter Steals the Show In Her Fashion Video


Singer LeToya Luckett shared a video on Instagram discussing her weight-loss goals and was interrupted by her 3-year-old daughter, Gianna. The adorable little girl wanted to show her mom that her swimsuit matched her tennis shoes.

“Okay, Y’all. I’m letting you into the closet today,” began the “Torn” singer before noticing Gianna standing in the doorway behind her, looking excited. “Whatchu doin’? Okay sis,” said Luckett. “Your shoes match your swimsuit, it’s time for swim lessons?”

May 11, 2022 — LeToya Luckett and her daughter Gianna on Instagram (Photo: @letoyaluckett Instagram)

May 11, 2022 — LeToya Luckett and her daughter Gianna on Instagram (Photo: @letoyaluckett Instagram)

Luckett went on to say her goal was to fit into a black leather dress she bought after giving birth to her 2-year-old son, Tysun. Luckett captioned the post, “GOALS. Quick story! So, I bought this little black leather dress after having Tysun,” she wrote.

“Fitting into it is one of the goals that I’m trying to reach on my weight loss journey although I’m close, I still have a little work to do. I swear this little black dress haunts me every time I slack off from the gym I’m confident that with the help of my @whatwaistofficial trainer i’ll be in this dress VERY SOON!”

Luckett also said, “You guys know I’ve been on my fitness journey, and sis gotta get in this, okay? So, right underneath it, is where I keep my well-placed trainers as inspiration,” she laughed. “Okay? Alright? They go together, okay? They’re a pair. We are working as a team. We have a goal, alright?”

Fans responded to the video in the comments section and several mentioned Luckett’s adorable daughter interrupting her video.

“She looks just like her mother,” noted one fan. “That was too cute,” added another. “Gianna came through like ‘This ain’t about you,’” joked another. “Lil mama stole ALLLLLL your thunder,” laughed another fan. “Stealing the show that’s what’s she’s doing.”

Another fan wrote, “They go together lmao! But it Gigi’s little shimmy for me lol!” Others encouraged Luckett to reach her goal of again wearing her little black dress.

“You got this you definitely going to be [fire emojis] in that dress sis,” wrote one fan. “You’ve come a long way already and that dress is going to be ready for you at the end of your journey!”

One Instagram user noted that Luckett looks good now. “You already look gorgeous!!!!!!! I hope that you reach the goal that you desire soon!!!!!!!”


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