Kristen Stewart Broke This Fashion Rule at Chanel’s Cruise 2023 Show


Kristen Stewart Chanel Cruise 2023 Show

Kristen Stewart Chanel Cruise 2023 Show


Out of all the major “don’ts” in fashion, tights with open-toe shoes is close to the top of the list — along with wearing white after Labor Day and mixing prints. However, rules are made to be broken, and Kristen Stewart isn’t following any out-of-date guidelines.

On Thursday, the actress attended Chanel’s Cruise 2023 show in Monte Carlo in an outfit that goes against the traditional fashion playbook, but we don’t mind. For the occasion, Stewart wore a sequined party dress with a short hemline, despite it being the middle of the day, and, paired her peep-toe heels with sheer black pantyhose.

She pulled her blonde hair back into a sleek ponytail and balanced her dark eyeliner with a nude lip.

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One to never follow frivolous rules, this move by Kristen is nothing new. Over the years she has unapologetically worn everything from practical footwear on the red carpet to tube socks with a tube top. Even at the 2022 Oscars, while everyone else was wearing ballgowns and cutout dresses, Kristen opted for short shorts and a white button-down, buttoned all the way down.

Keep doing you, Kristen.


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