Kep1er Xiaoting Fashion, Style Deemed Elegant Ahead First Impact


Kep1er Xiaoting is the only Chinese member of the group. She became part of the rookie act when she placed ninth in the overall rankings.

Only about four months have passed since the nine-member group debuted and officially entered the world of K-pop. Accordingly, it would not come as a surprise that fans and followers still have a lot to learn about the rookie idols.

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Kep1er Xiaoting Reportedly Has “Stunning,” “Elegant” Style

In terms of fashion, Xiaoting and some of her co-members have already received praise and compliments from the public. Ahead of their debut earlier this year, AllKpop described their style and fashion sense as “elegant.”

This came after a few of the group’s concept photos and teaser materials surfaced across media platforms in preparation for their first mini-album, FIRST IMPACT. In one of the sets, the Chinese K-pop idol is with Yujin and Mashiro, who donned black and white clothing pieces “in a classically styled indoor setting.”

The publication said that the three idols looked “stunning,” as well, in the materials. Some netizens in the comment section seemingly agreed and echoed the descriptions of the Kep1er members.

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Tracking The Idol’s Fashion Pieces

As to how Shen Xiaoting prefers to dress herself, there is very little information about the matter. She has also yet to disclose her signature styles and top clothing picks.

It is not surprising, though, considering the group is still in their early beginnings. So, it is likely that fans and followers will get to know more about her and the rest of the group in the next few months or years.

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Nevertheless, some avid watchers took the effort to track the Kep1er members’ clothing items and pieces. On Instagram, a fan-made page has been set up to show what the rookie idols have worn, especially during appearances and engagements.

The account carries the handle “kep1erclothes,” which has already obtained over 5,800 followers. As of the time of writing, it features 251 posts, each of which details Xiaoting and her groupmates’ sartorial pieces.

Watch this space for more Kep1er Xiaoting news.

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