I can bear discomfort just to look fashionable

By Joan Salmon

What three things do you always have in your hand bag?

Lipstick.  I love colour on my lips all the time. A handkerchief and my wallet because it carries important cards and of course  money.

Cream or vaseline? Why?

Neither. My skin is oily and anything heavy such as creams and vaseline makes me get pimples. I use light oils such as lemon or tea tree and they work perfectly for me.

Favourite perfume

I have never been able to choose between Flower Bomb by Viktor and Rolf and Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. So, I keep both.


Beauty trick

Rock salt (kisula/magadi). I dissolve some in warm water to wash my face

in place of my normal soap during my periods . This fights away hormonal pimples. But it should never be used regularly because it is a drying agent.

How do take care of your hair?

 I cannot go a day without moisturising. This keeps my hair soft and manageable. My moisturising bottle is filled with natural oils, rose water, aloevera gel and normal water. I use mineral water rather instead of tap water because it has chlorine which damages hair.

Favourite colour

I love pink and all its relatives such as red. I feel good when I wear anything pink.

Comfort or fashionable?

I am for fashion.  I can bear any kind of discomfort just to look good and fashionable.  When it comes to shoes, I prefer comfort over style (even though I love stylish shoes). Everyone can notice that the shoes you are wearing are uncomfortable by the way you walk.

What is your worst fashion mistake ever?

I saw a friend in an armless dinner dress and I loved it. I found a tailor and I asked her to make a similar design for me and it turned out perfect.  However, the style was not suitable for my boob shape and size. I spent the whole dinner evening trying to prevent them from popping out of the dress. It was so uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Fashion tip

Always keep a little black dress in your closet, for they are easy to match with different accessories and colours. When accessorised well, it can be worn for both formal occasions because it is the accessories that make it look different.