How Vogue Editors In Paris, Milan, and NYC Are Thinking About Fall Fashion

What are some of your favorite Italian brands and designers?

“Marni. Prada. Philosophy.”

What are your favorite trends from recent spring or pre-fall collections?

“I love the beautiful white dresses that we saw on the catwalks. Maybe I was paying particular attention because I was supposed to get married before the pandemic. And, of course, the trenches—colorful, glam, classic, from the ’70s. One for every taste!”

What are your favorite local shops in Milan?

“Definitely the new Frame Condé Nast Experience Store located inside the Condé Nast headquarters in Milan. It’s open to the public and was designed by the Locatelli Partners architecture studio. It consists of three main areas: the Caffetteria Cocktail Lounge Bar, the events area, and the store with up-and-coming brands and a range of limited edition products. Another favorite store is Leslie Luxury Vintage: Imagine my happiness when I found there was an amazing vintage store around the corner from the office. Lastly, I’ve always been obsessed with museum stores, and the one in Triennale is very charming. You can find a great selection of books and gifts ideas with a twist.”

What has been keeping you sane during this time of isolation?

“Artist Paolo Ventura has been mentoring me and motivated me to start painting. I’ve been inspired by the beautiful images he drew for his diary of quarantine. It’s all simple objects of daily life. Simplicity full of soul. My first drawing was a kiwi.”

What are your current home and beauty obsessions?

“I love Dior Fresh Jelly Mask. Its double scrub is both effective and delicate. The skin is instantly energized, fresh, and radiant.”

What things do you need when you work?

“Always an agenda and pens. Recently, I’ve been taking a lot of notes; I keep writing [down] everything I hear, trying to use this time to learn. I’ve also always been a small purse person, but now I love to carry a proper work bag where I can fit everything. I keep it close to my desk, even at home. It puts me into the right mood. And I always have frames on my desk with photographs of people I love.”

What has it been like working from home?

“Working as a global team, it’s all about the people. More than ever before we understand the importance of life and how it’s key to be present in the moment, work harder than ever, trust the team, and feel grateful.”