How to tie basic jewellery making knots –

How to tie basic jewellery making knots –

Both jewellery and macrame use simple, everyday knots to start and finish designs. Learning how to tie basic jewellery making knots will help you create secure designs. Some of them might seem incredibly basic, but knowing the difference between them is really important and can give your jewellery and macrame to a more professional finish.

Many of these basic jewellery and macrame knots are used in my tutorials, craft kits and patterns, so it seemed a good idea to put them all in one post to refer back to.

We are going to learn how to tie the overhand knot, the half knot, the granny knot and the reef knot.

How to tie an Overhand Knot

Possibly the simplest knot of all is the overhand knot. It is made with one end of cord, and is often used as a stopper knot at the end of cord. But it can also be tied around existing threads to finish off ends in bead-weaving,

  1. Bring the short end of cord back on itself,

2. Then cross over the long end to create a loop.

3. Bring the short end up through the loop

4. Pull the two ends apart to tighten

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