How to style your Aran sweater for a chic look

The Aran sweater is a classic that can be traced back to the 17th century Aran Islands. It went from being a practical garment worn by fishers to a highly fashionable garment that you can even see on catwalks. Trends are ever-changing, only some stand the test of time. The Aran sweater is one of those. As you might have noticed, its popularity boomed in the last few years. Wearing an Aran sweater makes you feel cozy and serene. The more masculine designs give off a sense of strength and resilience thanks to their history of being worn by Irish fishermen in hard winters. 

General tips

Aran sweaters are made from merino wool, which is known for its fantastic softness, smooth texture, and exceptional breathability. Aran sweaters are the kind of garments that will last you for years. Apart from their quality and durability, they are also very stylish. It goes without saying but Aran sweaters are more of a casual look. You probably wouldn’t go to a professional business meeting in a sweater. However, this doesn’t mean that your choices are limited when it comes to choosing what to wear it with. In fact, Aran sweaters are fairly versatile and easy to find garments. If you want to purchase one by the time you read this article, Irish sweaters are stored at Tara Irish Clothing, which is a famous Irish manufacturer of Irish knitwear, and other online stores. Whatever Aran sweater you choose, wear it confidently!

For men

Some people treat wool sweaters as just something to throw on in order to stay warm. If it’s an Aran sweater, it would be a shame to wear it only for this reason. Aran sweaters are beautifully crafted and full of personality, so if you wear them right, you’ll get yourself a great look. You can put on a T-shirt with an Aran sweater on top and a pair of jeans for a classic casual look. If you want something more classy, try wearing men’s Irish wool sweaters with a shirt underneath and a pair of khakis or dress pants. Go for a dark-colored sweater and a light-colored pair of pants or the other way around for a nice, stylish contrast, as shown in the picture below.

Source: Tara Irish Clothing

For women

Source: Tara Irish Clothing

Every fashionista has a couple of knitted sweaters in her wardrobe. This is because it’s not only a practical garment for the colder days of the year, but it also goes well with almost anything if you know what to wear it with. For a more professional look, you can wear it with a wool draped skirt, a wide leg pair of pants or tuck the sweater in a pair of pegged pants. For a more sweet and sexy look, you can style your Aran sweater with a mini skirt or a wrap skirt. If your sweater has beautiful knit geometric shapes, you can try styling it with an asymmetric skirt to accentuate them. The combination of colors you choose is up to you. You can choose a monochrome outfit for a more delicate look, you can contrast a pastel color with a bright one to accentuate your sweater or you can even combine a bright-colored top with a bright-colored bottom. Whatever you choose, wear it proudly!