How Quanta Vici is Heating Up the Luxury Fashion Industry With Cutting-Edge Technology


The Canadian Smart Apparel Startup just changed the future of Active Wear and Luxury Clothing with a very different new line of environmentally friendly Jackets and Leather Gloves

TORONTO, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Quanta Vici, Canada’s premiere smart apparel startup is back with a new collection of Slim Smart Heated Wear on Kickstarter, enabling consumers to complete their winter look with PrimaLoft’s premium material that is thin, breathable, wind- and waterproof, all now powered by Quanta Vici’s Smart Apparel Technology which precisely maintains the temperature’s degree users set throughout the day with an outstanding battery life.

The Canadian Smart Wearable Company is making a roaring comeback to the crowdfunding world in the avalanche of six new products, featuring Vegan Leather Gloves, Slim Winter Jackets, and Vests, aiming at turning the Smart Heated Wearables industry upside down.

This is not the first time Quanta Vici is making noise on Kickstarter; in 2020, the company became a rising star after reaching its fundraising goal within just the first hour, a level of success that led to major partnerships with some of Canada’s largest brands and ministries.

“Building this ecosystem of Smart Apparel from scratch uncovered a universe of fine details, including health benefits for people suffering from Raynaud’s, arthritis, muscle pain, menstruation cramps, and other medical conditions that we meticulously examined during our R&D phase here at Quanta Vici,” said Adrien Beyk, Founder & CEO at Quanta Vici

The new collection of Smart Heated Winter Wear will be a breakthrough in the Smart Apparel industry as Quanta Vici is taking a new approach in their strategy, focusing on women’s health, especially menstruation and the associated pain accompanied by cramps. By leveraging Quanta Vici Smart Heated Wearable Technology, women are now finally equipped with a stylish mobile heating solution to help ease the pain during that time of the month.

Furthermore, Quanta Vici’s new products are designed to promote sustainability with minimal harm to the planet. From production to shipment, materials, and everything in between, Quanta Vici’s proprietary Smart Heated Wear Technology is stylish, practical, and eco-friendly. To further minimize their carbon footprint, Quanta Vici has introduced a new upcycling program that covers the new line of products they have launched.

‘The only way to ensure that no animals suffered for your clothing or bedding are by going down-free,’ highlighted PETA organization. Thanks to Quanta Vici Smart Technology, it is possible to stop sacrificing millions of animals and enjoy winter with 100% Animal-Free apparel, all without compromising the quality and overall experience.

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between practical and luxury fashionable apparel, Quanta Vici’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition.

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About Quanta Vici

Quanta Vici is a Canadian Smart Apparel Startup dedicated to expanding the spectrum of human senses and abilities through practical wearable products that fit into consumers’ daily lives. Founded by Adrien Beyk in 2017, Quanta Vici is committed to capturing a synergy of luxurious wearables with modern technology that is an ideal solution for those suffering from temperature-sensitive medical conditions such as Raynaud’s, arthritis, and muscle pain during winter, or simply for those looking to keep their extremities warm. Quanta Vici’s Wearables are unique in their design and technology, featuring a long battery life of up to 50 hours, precise temperature selection, USB-C charging, smart heating system with sensors, touchscreen compatible fingertips, and premium materials.


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