How Eyebrows Affect Your Face Structure and Features

Your face is an essential aspect of your personality. However, sometimes you can not care too much about your face structure and features. The attractive features of a face are usually masked by the unappealing features of your eyebrows. It may lead to thinning eyebrows or even complete eyebrow loss. Eyebrow restoration services can solve this problem with their help. However, it is essential to understand how these services work before you hire one.

Professional eyebrow design

Professional Eyebrow design service will first evaluate your features and suggest the best aptest eyebrow design. The process involves using a type of laser equipment that alters the color of the pigment in your scalp. These follicles produce more pigment for creating the desirable eyebrow shape. The thickness of the hair at the roots also depends on the degree of the eyebrow shape.

Brow waxing or bleaching

Another technique used by eyebrow specialists is the brow waxing or bleaching technique. This technique involves applying a special wax to facial features like the eyebrows and nose bridge. There are several advantages of this technique, as it makes the features look more natural and enhances the natural color of your eyebrows. Though it may be painful, it is safe and is easy to perform.

Shape and size

The shape and size of your eyebrows also affect the overall appearance of your face. In this technique, a plastic surgeon shapes your eyebrows according to your specific needs. First, they will determine your forehead shape and other factors like your jawline and other facial features. Once the technique is done, the plastic surgeon will then apply the desired color and amount of pigment to the facial area to enhance the shape and size of your eyebrows.

In addition, you can choose eyebrow coloring for enhancing the beauty of your eyebrows. Coloring techniques include dying, eyebrow tinting, bleaching, and many others. You must consult your aesthetician to find which technique would be best for your features. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face, you can opt for a different procedure shape than those with square faces.


Furthermore, you need to choose the right color for enhancing your eyebrows, since different colors can make your face look better or worse. Lighter shades enhance the roundness of your face, and dark shades make the eyes appear larger.

If you have thin eyebrows, the most popular eyebrow hair technique is to plait. The plait technique involves putting small amounts of eyebrow hair (in the form of individual hairs) on the tips of your fingers and gently pressing them on your face. You can also use an eyebrow brush to plait your eyebrows if you are afraid of using needles. However, the needle procedure is more painful and may cause swelling or blisters to the area.


Lastly, you can choose to pluck. This technique involves pulling your skin tight on the upper part of your eyebrow. It results in creating crisp hair strokes. However, it can be painful. It is ideal to consult your aesthetician first before you go for this procedure to avoid unnecessary complications.