Here’s What Shopping Will Be Like In The Metaverse


At the heart of the metaverse are the avatars — digital representations that you use when exploring the metaverse. These avatars are customized to look like you, dress like you, and with the help of AI technology, able to sound like you and take on your personal expressions (via NBC News/YouTube). The use of avatars allows businesses to make profits off of selling virtual accessories and clothes for avatars to wear. Major brands have already capitalized on this trend. For example, fashion brands Gucci and Ralph Lauren have fashion collections you can buy on the virtual reality platform, Roblox.

With avatars, you never have to experience shopping alone — unless that’s what you want. Just like in real life, you’ll be able to bring friends to have fun and solicit second opinions on your purchases. Brands also get their own avatars in the form of virtual shop assistants, who can offer advice and help with what you need (via Forbes).


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