Hello from the Ocean! Affordable Friday

Happy Affordable Friday! I got these clothes and took the pictures of them before I left for my cruise, but I couldn’t wait to post until I get back because as you guys know, these amazing affordable pieces tend to go quickly on Walmart site. Some of these deals are so good that I’m positive they’re going to sell out fast!

Winter Coat

I’m going to be starting with this winter coat. Oh my gosh, can you believe that this winter coat is only $39?! No, that’s not a typo. I know I’m the queen of those. It’s legit only $39! It’s so warm, stylish, and beautiful. Plus, it has three layers of material to block out wind. There is a zipper for a smaller part on the inside, zipper on the outside, and then buttons on top of that zipper. So, when I say it’s warm, it truly is very warm! I took pictures of me, wearing it unbuttoned, with one button / zipped, and then, with both zippers and buttons. So you can see the different ways it can be worn. It’s already starting to sell out in some of the other colors. And yes, there are other colors, so definitely jump on this deal super fast!

Tunic Top and Leggings

I’m wearing it with a pair of black leggings that I got for less than $6 apiece and this black tunic top. You probably recognize the tunic top because I have it in both green and cream. I had to buy the black as well because it truly is my absolute go to piece in my closet right now. It’s super soft, comfy, and easier throw on. I also love that is long enough to cover your booty in the back. I know so many of you already have this shirt cause you got it for my last Affordable Friday. So if you got it and love it like I do, please comment below and let me know. It just makes my day when you guys get something I recommend and love it as much as I do!
And then lastly, the boots! You might have these as well because I wrote about them in a past Affordable Friday. But I just love love love them! I found that they’re my go to shoes right now, especially to wear with leggings. I was fine that if you add more of a chunky shoe or boot with leggings it balances out your legs and makes them more flattering.

Gloves and Ear Warmer

I got the gloves they were super affordable at under $9, but I love that the fingers on each side can be used with your smart phone so you don’t have to take your glove off to use it. The ear warmers are just so cute. Molly has already told me that she’s stealing them for me. They’re on sale right now for only $21.

Casual Chic Outfit

I love a crisp white collared shirt. I feel like when you find the right one with the right cut. It just looks so polish and chic! This Free Assembly one I’m wearing is one that I have in both white and striped blue. I love both of them. I originally ordered the striped blue one in a size medium and it’s a tad big. I like boxy but it was a little too boxy big. You’ll see in the photos below. So I ordered this white one in a small and it fits perfectly. So definitely size down in this one.
I paired it with one of my favorite pairs of Free Assembly denim, this$14 bag that looks super expensive, and these couture looking flats. My son Riley absolutely loves giraffes. He calls the in his room T-Bob. So what I saw these shoes in this beautifully vibrant orange color, I had to have them. And they’re only $24! They definitely took a minute for me to break in, so I would suggest wearing them around your house the first couple days and then they fit great!

—- Hii everyone! Madi here! Editing this blog for Ali – cruise ship wifi can be a little funky over the ocean! I just wanted to add here that the above jeans are seriously probably my favorite pair of jeans I have ever owned. I get SO many compliments. There are so many good washes, my personal favorite is the Light Indigo! xo, Madi

In the close-up photo, you can see that I’m wearing a stack of gold bracelets. It’s actually two bracelet sets that I bought. One of them is only $7 and breaks up all the gold with some opaque beads. And then the other set is just over $5 and they’re all different size gold beads. I love them and I think they look great stacked on my wrist. I’ve never really been able to pull the trigger on expensive real gold bracelets because I worry about losing them. But I don’t have to worry about losing these. And they just look so so so beautiful!


Vacation Dress

I know a lot of you may have vacations planned for this winter to warmer weather and if you do this dress is it so so so fun for it! I bought this to wear on our cruise and I’m obsessed! I love how it’s a thin halter neckline. I really feel like a halter neckline is the most flattering cut especially when it’s done right like it is in this dress. You can wear it over a bathing suit or a wireless bra, like I am here. I like that the bra shows on the side but if that’s not for you, you could always do a skinnier strap bra or strapless. And it’s an absolute steal at only $28.



Okay, one more before I go! How stinking cute are these PJs! This red buffalo plaid print is a print that Kevin’s dad wears all the time, so whenever we see somebody wearing a shirt with this print, we call it a Papa shirt. So we bought the kids some Papa pajamas and we have them too. These are my Papa pajamas! They are ridiculously soft and so cute. And so so so so so affordable at $19.

A Few More New Favorites!

I’m gonna link a few other things that I got from Walmart recently that I absolutely love but didn’t have time to take pictures of so, I’ll show you guys in stories of them when I get back from my cruise. But sharing them here now to tell you guys, I just love all of these items so if you want to try to snag them now before they sell out. That’s it from me!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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