General Retail Forecast 2022 – Two Seasons


The past two years have brought undeniable change to the fashion retail landscape and, as 2022 looms large, it’s important to take a look at what the future will likely hold.

The Supply Chain

It’s no secret that supply chain issues have plagued this year. From delays in production to delays in shipping, flexibility has been the name of the game, and we really shouldn’t expect 2022 to be any different. We are forecasted to continue to see the same trends in delays, so it’s important to:

  • Look into counter sources for manufacturing
  • Diversify your shipping options
  • Diversify your product assortment

Consumer Engagement

Keeping customers (existing and prospective) will continue to be more and more important. A strong DTC platform makes all the difference, as the world shifted irrevocably to an online-first model amind the 2020 lockdowns. Increasing budgets for digital strategies is a must. However, as things continue to open, customers are excited for connection and experiences once more. Pop-up shops, marketing places and in-person events will be a great way to solidify your brand. Your local markets are going to be a key source of building brand awareness and loyalty.

Digital Evolutions

Stay digital, friends. The retail industry is going to continue to evolve at a fast pace in the online world, and those who don’t keep up are destined to fall behind. NFTs, digital skins, Web 3.0 – all of these areas will keep growing, along with traditional digital marketing and advertising.

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