Are Gaming Mouse Pads Worth It?

PC gamers interested in online competitive shooters probably don’t need to be told why a mouse pad is so important. However, there is more to buying a mouse pad for gaming than just getting the first mat that looks good. Besides, it’s not just the shooting games that feel easier to control with a mouse on a good mat. Read on to know exactly why the humble mousepad is so important for gamers.

Save the Joints

Handling a mouse all day long for work or play can lead to serious repetitive stress injuries such as carpel tunnel and tendinitis to name a few. Also, it’s not just the wrist joint that gets affected either. Repetitive stress injury from having to move the mouse around too much can also lead to complications with the elbow, shoulder, and neck joints.

Now, there is more to mouse ergonomics than just the mousepad, of course, but most gamers already know the importance of using an ergonomic mouse that fits their gripping style. It boosts in-game performance and decrease our chances of developing repetitive stress injuries to a great extent. Unfortunately, most gamers are not aware of how the surface on which they use their mouse can affect ergonomics.

If the surface that they are using the mouse on is too resistive or provides variable resistance at various points, it stresses the wrist immensely. Sudden, heavy, and/or inconsistent stress while moving the mouse can be very damaging for your joints, even if you managed to choose the right mouse for your gaming style. Get a large microfiber mouse pad and a proper gaming mouse from the wide range of PC gaming accessories at Lenovo. Both investments are more than worth it to keep the pain out of future gaming sessions.

Maximize your Gaming Mouse

Perhaps you have a large hand with long fingers, making the claw grip ideal for your gaming needs. Maybe you are a classic gamer who uses a palm grip to fully utilizes your range of motion for the sake of improved accuracy to the last dot. Either way, you will have to depend on your chosen weapon, aka the gaming mouse to help you point exactly where you want to, at the exact millisecond that you need to. This is the reason why a gaming mouse’s sensor is so important and DPI counts matter.

However, you will never be able to utilize that 6,000 DPI setting to its fullest extent, unless the surface beneath your gaming mouse can support it. Just because an optical or laser mouse can be used on almost any surface, it does not mean those surfaces are suitable for precision movement. You will need to place your mouse’s sensor on a cloth mat to make sure that all the dots are indeed being registered.

In-Game Performance

The improved gaming performance is a natural conclusion to the two prime benefits already discussed. Mouse pads make gamers feel more comfortable to move their mouse around, and they ensure that the pointer is pointing exactly where it’s supposed to. As a result, an improvement in gaming performance is inevitable really.

As a last piece of advice, it recommended that palm grippers get a particularly large mouse mat that covers the whole desk. The large size can’t hurt claw grippers or fingertip grippers either.

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