From Iceland — Best Of Reykjavík Shopping 2022: Best Fashion Boutique


Let’s be real: there are few things that could temper our love for shopping. Thankfully, our delightful city has kept up with our demand, with the design scene seeming to expand exponentially year after year. This year was particularly prolific—there are almost too many new stores to name, with many popping up and nabbing not only the talk of the town, but also some of our biggest awards. But after long discussions with our beloved panel members, we are proud to present our winners. So without further ado, here’s your essential guide to shopping in Reykjavík. Enjoy—responsibly, of course.

Best Fashion Boutique


Laugavegur 16

Photo by Joana Fontinha

A new store? Winning first place? Well, when something as spectacular as Andrá comes along, we’re willing to break with tradition. The boutique emphasises selling quality pieces that are produced in an ethically and environmentally friendly way for women of all ages. “Their curation is stellar,” one panel member added. “They have such a good mix of Icelandic and international designers. Somehow, they are filling a niche that we didn’t even know we needed. You can already tell that they are going to have longevity and it’s rare to feel that so strongly in such a new store.” So bravó, Andrá.

Runner Up:


Laugavegur 45

Photo by Joana Fontinha

Aftur was doing sustainable design long before sustainability was even part of the conversation. Helmed by designer Bára Hólmgeirsdóttir, every one of Aftur’s pieces are entirely repurposed, with a punky vibe that makes them ideal for anyone obsessed with the darker sides of street style.



Barónstígur 6
best goddamn store

Photo by Art Bicnick

Not to be confused with the US state, Nebraska is another new addition to the scene that blew our panel away with a fantastically curated selection. “This place has so much potential!” one panellist said of boutique Nebraska. “It’s a special feeling going in there. You can tell they are going to become one of the tastemaking stores downtown—or maybe they already have.”

Previous Winners

2021: Yeoman
2020: Kvartýra No49
2019: Yeoman

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