Custom Engagement Rings: Why Buy Ready Made When You Can Create the Design You Want


Custom Engagement Rings: How to Create and Design Your Own

Engagement rings are indeed important when preparing for marriage. It is a gateway towards getting the approval of your future wife. Getting the right engagement ring can help smoothen your wedding plan. But choosing an engagement ring is hard to decide on specially with all the designs available.  What if you can build your own engagement ring online? Would you say yes?

Jewelry stores had been open to this kind of setting for their customers since they understand the hardship of choosing the perfect engagement ring. So they came up with this idea of having their customers make their own design, and giving them the opportunity to choose the cut, settings and appearance of their engagement ring. This customization will result in a unique design, and uniqueness can also cost more, therefore, beneficial for both the jewelry store and the customer as well. Customer just needs to go an extra mile though, but it will pay off with the result.

Steps in Making Personalized Engagement Ring 

1. Get Familiar with Diamonds

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Like any other things you should have knowledge about it before you can execute what you want to build. It is the same with diamond. Diamonds have characteristics you have to consider to get a good one. Other gems can be used for your engagement rings, but since diamond is then the number one stone for this ring the better go for it.

4c’s of Diamond

  • Color

Damond colors range from colorless to light brown. The more colorless the diamond the better. Colors are not too visible to the naked eye. So you can choose according to your budget.

  • Clarity

This refers to how flawless diamonds are. The more flawless the better. Just like color , blemishes are hard to see with the use of naked eye. Ask a skilled scaler too check the clarity of your diamond.

  • Cut

Cut matters a lot because the diamond’s longevity and durability depends on it. Have your diamond cut by a skilled worker to avoid it from getting too much chipped. Diamonds that are well cut can last longer. Shape also matters, of course. Choose a shape that accustoms to your partner’s personality to add impression.

  • Carat

Bigger carat the better. However you can customize your diamond to have a good cut and it can outshine the carat. Carat is also a factor but If it will exceed your budget better get a lower carat but good cut.

These 4cs are always used to check the value and properties of diamonds. Being aware of these basics of diamond can help you choose the diamond you prefer.

2. Choose a Setting 

Setting is important when it comes to designing your rings. Know your partner’s reference. Does she love vintage settings? Modern look? Or any settings she desires. There are online jewelers who can help you mix and match your designs so you can imagine or see how it looks like.

3. Choose a Metal 

The most common metals used are gold, white gold, platinum, yellow gold and rose gold. Platinum and white gold are the most popular but it would still depend on your partner’s taste. Combination of any metal is also possible. Sometimes more color can add up to the spice of the engagement ring rather than having a plain metal.

4. Choose Your Jeweler 

Popular jewelry stores are found everywhere online. You can surf the net and find one that suits you. Having an expert to advise you on how you should build your own engagement ring will be a big aid. They can tell you which one matches and which one doesn’t. Jewelers can assist you online or if you can visit their physical store, then better. You can see the actual appearance of the ring you desire to build.

One you have decided on all these factors. You can now start to have your engagement ring made. Having a unique engagement ring can make your loved one feel more special. You may spend more but it will be worth it to build your own engagement ring. Using your own design and idea. It would make you feel accomplished and make your partner delighted with the result.

Custom engagement rings are fancied most of the time. Aside from getting the settings you want for your jewelry you can also bring out the artist on you. It is also a good way to show that your love for your partners is unique just like the ring you build for her.

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