Classic Luxury Bags Fit For Every Season – Outhouse Jewellery


So why are luxury handbags all the rage? Let’s begin with how they are made. Fast fashion brands work on a mass production system, meaning that their material is sourced in bulk and using a basic design, are produced in large quantities. This does not allow for any personal interference or design instinct. Moreover,  it leads to exploitation of the workforce and release of pollutants as it is a low-budget way of manufacturing. The main aim being- make the production process as cheap as possible. This is unsustainable and unethical.

Luxury products, on the other hand, are mostly made-to-order. At Outhouse, every piece, whether it’s jewellery or a bag, is handcrafted in our atelier and is then delivered straight to you. Our craftsmen are highly skilled and use their artisanal touch on our pieces, making each one meticulously handcrafted, for you. It takes over 20 hours to create one of our OH Poppi bucket bags, when something is given that much time and attention, it is bound to be perfect. 

Luxury bags for women have been given a whole new meaning. People are now looking for long-lasting, timeless, and elegant bags that age well. Investing in a luxury bag gives you the assurance that it will continue to be your companion in the long run, since the classic silhouettes won’t go out of style.


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