We’re officially 1 month out from Cam turning 1. I cannot believe it. 11 months with the sweetest little soul. It’s been everything and more. As a new-ish mom of 2 sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m a mom of 2 and that I have a son now. When you’re in the thick of it, the day-to-day grind, you can totally forget that this is your life. 

New at 11 Months

Once 10 months hit, everything accelerated. He’s climbing up the stairs (climbing everything I should say), babbling more, pulling up on everything and anything, walking with us holding just one of his hands, and he’s even taken up to 6 steps alone. I can see him walking for his birthday. I think we were in the thick of a 10 month sleep regression and just major leaps because he was a crabfest for a good 3 weeks. He woke up one day as the happiest, silliest boy and we were like, “there’s our happy boy.” Now that I think about it, I remember Harper going through something similar at the same age. Cam’s also eating anything and everything. His appetite has grown tremendously. We did not experience this with Harper, so it’s all very new to us. Not going to lie, we’re loving it, lol. 


Naps are getting better, but still not great. He actually took a 75 minute nap yesterday, but that’s rare. I’m not stressed about it too much since his schedule allows for it and he ends up going to bed earlier, which is great for us parents. He’ll do anywhere from 30-60 mins, twice a day. 


If you follow me on Stories, you saw me mention Cam going on a nursing strike. Man, that was an emotional roller coaster. I think it lasted 3 days. He would nurse fine in the morning and then boycott it for the rest of the feedings. I was stressed and made sure to pump to help with my supply (which was such an inconvenience, especially when you haven’t done it since the early days). I still don’t know what the cause was, but a couple things popped out to me. He may have been under the weather (although it wasn’t anything severe), he could have been going through a leap and was more interested in solids, my breast milk taste could have changed since I was ovulating and then eventually got my period for the first time since getting pregnant.  I looked this up and it’s very much a thing. In case any other mamas are reading this and maybe going through something similar, hang in there. Baby knows what he/she is doing and will let you know how to move forward. We are still nursing 4x day, but feedings are a lot shorter after his nursing strike. He’s also eating a lot more solids, which is what he prefers, so we’re running with it.   

Awake Time

We’re doing a set time of 9am for his first nap and then doing 3.5-3.75 of awake time before his 2nd nap. Then he’ll go to bed between 6-6:30pm. The man is all over the place these days. We actually had to get him a playpen, so we have a safe space for him if only one parent is home, we’re cooking, or if we need to use the restroom. He didn’t love it at first, but he’s getting used to it everyday. He’ll whine, but then we’ll refocus his attention on something else to buy more time. We’re getting longer stretches everyday. We did not go through a big crawling phase with Harper, so this is all new to us. He legit is everywhere and the second you take your eyes off him, he’s getting into something else or trying to stand and walk on his own, lol.


Cam had a few rough nights falling asleep while he was going through his 10 month sleep regression, but we’re back on track. It takes him about 10 minutes to fall asleep and then he’ll sleep through the night until about 6am. We recently switched his sleep sack from this one to the Dreamland weighted sleep sack. I was hoping it would help him nap longer, but I don’t think we’ve seen a ton of change. It is warm enough for winter, so that was another reason we switched. 

Eczema Update

Cam recently had some eczema flare ups. I think it has to do with the temperature change – we went from 80 degrees to 40 overnight. He’s also been eating different foods, so maybe that’s contributing to this breakout. We are still using our 3 part concoction from Dr. Aron (more on that here). We haven’t stopped it completely because Cam continues to get eczema right under his ears on his face. We don’t typically use it anywhere else unless he has a flare up. Long term we may see a naturopath and get him tested for food allergies to see if we can get to the root cause. 

Favorites at 11 Months

Playpen – Tried my best to find something minimal. It’s large, but they do have smaller ones. We’re using a foam play mat underneath. Has a little door. Cam is slowly getting used to it and it helps that Harper loves being in there, lol.

Mary Ruth’s Infant Vitamin D Drops – Been using this since Cam was an infant and keep forgetting to share. Flavorless and I just put it in his food.

Jenni Kayne Slippers – Pricey, but Cam wears these everyday. Easy to get on and off and easy for him to walk in.

Dreamland Sleep Sack – We just switched over to this. Love that it’s for winter and the extra weight is super cozy.

11 Month Schedule

6:30am – wakes and plays in crib
7:00am – grab him, change his clothes/diaper, and nurse
7:30am – awake time
8:00am – solids
9:00am – Nap 1

10:00am – wake and nurse
10:15am – play/awake time
12:00pm  – solids/lunch
1:30pm – Nap 2

2:15pm – wake and nurse
2:45pm – play/awake time
4:00pm – solids/dinner
5:30pm – nurse
6:00pm – bedtime

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