Bullied Suffolk middle schooler holds fashion show to empower kids


SUFFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A former Kings Fork Middle student Morgan Robinson organized her first fashion show with help from her mother.

The weekend event was called “The Takeover Fashion Show.” Many kids and parents were in full support of Morgan, and kids of all ages walked the runway in style.

“We’re here today because I want to like reach out to children who need help, like low self-esteem, like build their confidence up, make them feel pretty,” Morgan Robinson said.

The 11-year-old had gone through a lot of pain and suffering, and eight months ago her life changed significantly.

She was bullied and would go on to suffer from depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. A girl who was once happy and always full of energy turned into a completely different person.

A video of an alleged assault by another student at King Forks Middle instantly spread around the school and social media.

“I remember the day I got that call,” said Morgan’s mother, Shareka Robinson.

“I couldn’t feel anything, my mind was just telling me to get off that ground and fight back, but I just couldn’t, I couldn’t do it,” Morgan said.

Shareka addressed the Suffolk School Board during a meeting in October 2021 to discuss that bullying incident.

“Her first week in middle school she was happy, but the second week of school it changed. She let several teachers know that she was bullied,” said Morgan’s mother. “She came home, and she told me, ‘Why didn’t they like me? I don’t know what I’ve done to them. I’m just trying figure out why I’m not liked.’”

“And I told her you don’t have to be liked, just be you,” Shareka Robinson said.

Shareka says she was never informed about the alleged assault, and she found out by another parent in the school pickup line what had happened. She says she has been traumatized since the fight, however, after switching from Kings Fork John F. Kennedy Middle, Morgan is doing a lot better.

She has been making a positive impact on her community by creating her own clothing brand called Charming Diva Co. with help from her mother.

The fashion show was Morgan’s way of helping kids be proud of who they are.

Chanda Wise, a certified professional coach, and Morgan’s cousin, spoke in front of the crowd of people and shared that Morgan had a positive impact on her daughter’s life. When Morgan was just four years old, Shareka and her spotted Chanda and her daughter at their local grocery store. Wise’s daughter was crying, so Morgan came over and reassured her daughter. She eventually stopped crying.

“I really appreciate her being that way at such a very young age … most kids are in the store concerned about what my mom is gonna buy me, what candy I want to get, what kind of toy you gonna get, but Morgan was in there consoling my four-year-old,” Wise said.

Morgan was presented with a plaque from Parents Against Bullying Virginia, an organization created by Shant’a Miller. This non-profit was created because her daughter was a victim of bullying and wanted to spread awareness about ways of preventing it.

“This young lady is shining through everything, We appreciate her for speaking up, standing, speaking up and speaking out against bullying is what it’s all about,” Miller said.

At first when Morgan started at Kings Fork, she was trying to find her niche, and now she’s at a new school where she can just be herself.

The main goal of “The Takeover Fashion Show” is for more students who have experienced bullying to speak up and tell a teacher and principal. She wants her message to spread to those who have anxiety and low self-esteem, and encourage them that’s its OK to have feelings and that they aren’t alone. Morgan says she’s experienced the lowest of the lows and says one moment shouldn’t define you.

“I want to accomplish helping children and making them feel confident about themselves and not like looking at themselves differently in the mirror. I want them to look at themselves like they are queens and kings.”


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