Meet the model, the blogger, the crochet-enthusiast, the cat mum, the author of her third book, Welcome to Your Life coming March 31st… Bethany Rutter! Our latest Tatty Devine model, Bethany took to the spotlight to work our New Classic refresh (did someone say recycled goodies?!) and that spotlight shines on as we find out more about Bethany! 

From blogger to a published (three times!) author, can you describe what you do in five words?

Write, hope for the best!

Your latest novel, Welcome to Your Life’ is about to be released, congratulations! Can you give us a roundup of the story? Psst… Keep scrolling to see how you can get your hands on this must-have read!

It’s about a cool chub gal who’s been cruising through life and decides at the last minute to do a runner on her wedding day and start again!

Fun, fun, fun at Fortnum and Mason for the Welcome to Your Life launch

Welcome to Your Life begins with protagonist Serena Mills wolfing down an ice cream sundae at a Harvester, in her wedding dress – what a mood! We love that the nibble of choice at your book launch was an elegant sundae (count the layers!) and we just need to know: what’s your go-to flavour?

If I’m in a fancy place, then something like a really intensely flavoured sorbet (my fave at Gelupo is their roasted red plum) or if I’m in a more trad ice cream parlour then I love a bit of mint choc chip!

Which of Serena’s traits do you relate to the most?

Although I’m very much past it now, my younger self could totally relate to her tendency to look at the world through the lens of ‘what should I accept as a fat woman’ rather than ‘what do I, personally, want?’ which was a mindset I really had to get out of!

What is your favourite thing about writing a romance novel?

I absolutely loved dating and did so quite aggressively before I met my husband, so I’ve loved revisiting those memories and dates and that feeling of infinite possibility!

Bethany serving true romance with “you are my Lobster” vibes on shoot day!

If you could gift a copy of Welcome to Your Life to anyone, who would it be?

Anyone who’s not living their best life.

A lot of your writing covers topics such as fat bodies, plus-size fashion and body politics, we love to see this representation! What would be the first stigma you could smash around bigger bodies?

That because of our bodies, we’re not interested in all the stuff that thin women are interested in. I love fashion, beauty, going to my yoga class, hanging out with my friends, travelling, all of that.

So, we’ve seen your face all across our website as the model for our New Classic collection! As a long-time Tatty fan, can you remember your first TD piece? 

Yes! It was a bracelet that looked like Licorice Allsorts from the New Look collab! I’ve tried to research when that collab happened and haven’t been able to find the answer online but I would guess early/mid noughties? *Note from the editor: we’re diving into the archive to find out! Watch this space… 

Category is: the statement necklaces you need in your life! Seems to be a romance theme going on!

Is there anything you have your eye on from the new collection?

Have you got any exciting adventures coming soon?

I’m going to Cúirt International Festival of Literature in Galway in April and I’m so, so excited to be reunited with some of my Irish gal pals!

Quickfire round…

Earrings or Necklace? Earrings!

Crochet or Knitting? Omg, CROCHET ALL DAY

Fiction or Nonfiction? Fiction!

Thanks, Bethany. Competition time! Head to our Twitter for your chance to WIN a copy of Welcome to Your Life and a Personalised Name Necklace of your choice – we’re just loving Bethany’s gold glitter and lilac flower combo. 

Shop our New Classic additions online and in-store and head here to pre-order your copy of Welcome to Your Life NOW!


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