Best Makeup Products Referred By Top Beauty Influencers

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Instagram beauty influencers are flourishing up the makeup industry with their creative representation, bold looks, and unique style that defies mainstream and traditional beauty. Let us look at the best makeup products referred by top beauty influencers like Siddhi Karwa, Devlina Bhattacharya, Aakriti Rana, Simmy Goraya, and Serin George.

1) Maroon & Pastel Red Lip Colors By Siddhi Karwa

Whether you are into liquid, matte, or glittery shades of lipsticks, you will find the best maroon and pastel red lip colours in L’Oreal Paris. 

According to Siddhi Karwane, the best gifts one can give themselves is this dark red maroon and pastel red lipstick. Siddhi Karwa also says it has the texture of a lip pigment which feels feather-light on the lips. Additionally, its oil-in-water formula lets your pout breathe and does not dry the lips out.

2) Maybelline Nude Lipstick By Devlina Bhattacharya

The perfect nude lipstick shade is a look you depend on every day. Nude lips are sassy and versatile. Devlina Bhattacharya says to choose a nude that is two shades deeper than your natural lip tone. The result is pure and smooth beauty.

Whether you need a nude peach lip colour to compliment smokey eyes or looking for a pinky-nude lip colour to wear to work, nude lipsticks are perfect for creating a balance between bold looks and natural-looking colour. Hence, according to Devlina Bhattacharya, nude lipsticks are among the most commonly worn lipsticks, be it any season.

3) M.A.C. Beauty Products-Compact, Highlighter, Kajal, Foundation, Setting Spray By Aakriti Rana

M.A.C. is the most preferred brand among professional makeup artists, leading models, and actresses. M.A.C. has been successful in meeting user expectations in terms of quality and diversity.

Aakriti Rana prefers M.A.C. as it offers a wide range of products, including highlighter, foundation, kajal, compact, setting spray, and a lot more. If your entire makeup kit consists of M.A.C. products, then that is a desirable possession.

4) Soph X Eyeshadow Pallet By Simmy Goraya

Makeup Revolution X Soph Ultra eyeshadow palette enclosed in a packaging features twenty-four shades of warm browns, rich golds, rusty oranges, dark smokey shades, or even pop colours in both shimmer and matte formulations. It brings you revolutionary makeup products at affordable prices.

According to Simmy Goraya, this U.K. The brand has a cult following of beauty lovers worldwide. It is known for providing high-end, in-trend cosmetics, and its products are 100% cruelty-free.

5) Maccosmetic Copper Sparkle Pigment By Serin George 

M.A.C. describes their copper sparkle product as super frosty copper flecks. Serin George says copper sparkle has a very sparkly, shimmering frost, giving a gleaming and bold look. 

Copper Sparkle makes dark eyes stand out in sparkling contrast and makes light eyes look bluer or greener because of their copper tones. This product contains ingredients suitable for different skin types. Serin George gives a makeup tip to apply with either a dry or wet brush depending on the fancied result.


No one is born with a flawless face, but all are blessed with beautiful features. For more information, refer to Myntra studio, as they provide you with the best makeup online. Cover your blemishes and flaws to create a smooth, healthy skin surface with the above-listed products. Add shades to contour your face to obtain an attractive look like Siddhi Karwa and other top beauty influencers. Highlight your best features with these products that enhance them.