Attire & Beyond: Highland’s New and Preloved Clothing Boutique | Beauty & Fashion | Hudson Valley

With new and preloved clothing and gifts, boutique Attire & Beyond specializes in finding the perfect item for even the most selective customer. Owner Marion Goldberg branched out from selling products primarily online last year, opening her storefront in November 2020. The Highland shop boasts a wide variety of hand-selected products, ranging from hats and dresses to jewelry and gifts. Customers might even have a chance of catching a glimpse of Goldberg’s pet bird Sunshine who often accompanies her into the store.

Goldberg began her journey in retail by selling clothing out of her own closet on Poshmark. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, her side-hustle hobby quickly transformed into a passion. Within a few short months, Goldberg began buying clothes from local thrift shops to sell online. Faster than she could believe, the clothes began piling up. “To make a really long story short, I had bins upon bins upon bins in my office area,” she says. “They slowly became part of the house.”

Goldberg didn’t expect to open a retail store in Highland, but everything changed when her husband spotted a for-rent sign on Commercial Avenue. So last November, with clothing galore, Attire & Beyond was born. With online shopping now easier than ever, opening a brick and mortar during the pandemic was a challenge. But Attire & Beyond always was–and continues to be–a passion project. “I’m the one always telling people to do what you love. Do what you love,” she says. “If you love it, it won’t feel like work. And one day I was thrifting and I realized, ‘Oh my god, this is what I love.”


The elation of finding that perfect item amid the racks of second-hand and vintage clothing enthralls Goldberg, especially when it can be passed on to a happy home. “I just love, love, love the thrill of the hunt,” says Goldberg. “It’s really always the thrill of getting those treasures or those gems that I know someone else will like.” The pleasure she gets out of digging for immaculate finds ties directly to the personalized nature of Attire & Beyond’s mission. Goldberg acts as personal shopper, gift-finder, and stylist all in one by offering specialized shopping experiences and gifts. Customers can communicate directly with her by phone, online form, or in-person to design their dream outfit or personalized gift.

Attire & Beyond does its best to live up to its name with an inventory that spans clothing, accessories, and all sorts of giftable items. “I sell everything to make an outfit literally from bras and some underwear all the way to hats and shoes,” Goldberg says. “And beyond is glassware, frames, positive sayings, all different kinds of trinkets, charms, jewelry, journals, soap, mugs–so many different things.” Either online or inside the brick and mortar shop, customers can peruse both new and preloved goods.

Attire & Beyond boasts a good deal of flexibility in terms of their open hours and inventory. While Goldberg is still testing the market and changing hours, customers can set up appointments online or by phone to meet individually with her even on days when the shop is closed. Additionally, make sure to look out for more extensive collections available on weekends weather permitting. On Saturdays and Sundays when the weather is clear, Attire & Beyond offers men’s and children’s clothing outside the shop on $1, $2, $3, and $5 racks.

Even with all their passion and flexibility, Attire & Beyond has faced some challenges as one of the many businesses that opened in the middle of the pandemic. Business crashed when COVID rates began to spike, with size constraints and maximum capacity requirements proving difficult. “If I didn’t have online right now, I wouldn’t be keeping up the shop because it’s slow. thank god for online,” Goldberg says.


But despite the hardships Attire & Beyond have faced, Goldberg is optimistic about what the future has in store. Attire & Beyond hosted a delayed Grand Opening event June 12 and 13, complete with Spin-the-Wheel, prizes, an auction, and a custom-tailored fashion show starring Hudson Valley residents. “I couldn’t have a grand opening–a real one–in 2020,” Goldberg says. “So I just had one about a month ago and that’s when people started realizing I was here.”

More customers have been stopping by since the summer Grand Opening, and Goldberg hopes the business will continue to grow in the coming months. “It’s been a rollercoaster,” Goldberg says. But Attire & Beyond has rolled with the punches and is here to stay.

Open Tuesday through Friday, 12pm through 6pm
Open Saturday, 10am through 4pm

(By appointment only Sundays + Mondays)

14 Commercial Avenue Highland, NY 12528