An Elden Ring fashion show is in the works


There are many great Elden Ring armour sets to try out in the RPG game, and you might get to show them off too in the first Elden Ring fashion show. Unfortunately, it’s been held up a little due to “some complications” with the submissions process.

A potential fashion showcase was first discussed last month on Reddit, with users deciding which Elden Ring classes the initial show should focus on. The knight class is up first, followed by the best Elden Ring cosplay – which has already got some fantastic possibilities, from Bloodborne bosses to Jesus. Mods and glitches aren’t allowed, incidentally.

You can few the various knight submissions and cosplay submissions already. However, in an update this weekend, Reddit moderator and fashionista Vi_for_Vindictive posted that there’s been “some complications with the process” mostly due to the “significant variation between submissions” – with some entrants only offering a single photo, whereas others presented an entire album. Unfortunately, they’ve had trouble getting in touch with the entrants, so it seems the first show is delayed for a little while longer.

“If we do this again,” the moderator explains, “the submission guidelines will be adjusted so that we can go straight into voting.” It seems that submissions could open again soon, so keep an eye on the subreddit if you want to show off your glamorous Elden Ring build.

If you’re wondering which class is the community’s favourite, this Elden Ring survey has the answer – and a lot more.

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