A Timeless Classic in Fashion

Fashion is a circle. Many styles suddenly rise and fall, but some things are enduring.

It is silk. 

Silk is a kind of material, style and fashion. The particularity of materials is doomed to its extraordinary. Silk comes from natural mulberry silk, animal fibre produced by certain insects and arachnids as building material for cocoons and webs, some of which can be used to make fine fabrics. Which is sewn into cloth through traditional plain crepe or more complex crepe de Chine. This makes silk very light and silky, and has many unique characteristics.


It is based on these characteristics that this material is very suitable for making clothes. Therefore, China used silk to make clothes very early. Just because of the complex technology and scarce materials, this kind of silk clothes is very rare and expensive. Now, many designers also like to add silk to their masterpieces.


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Compared with fashionable clothes with silk, pure silk clothes are unadulterated. The pure silk shirt or skirt will be very light as a whole, which will keep your body temperature cool. Because of the excellent breathability of this fabric, it will be the perfect choice for you in spring and summer.


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Besides clothes, some silk accessories are also full of surprises. For example, this floral silk scarf, in addition to giving you a cool and silky feeling when wearing it, you can also use it as a belt or hair cycle. Match with other pure silk products to show your elegance. 

Based on high-end materials, comfortable experience and unique design, it is completely different from other styles of fashion. Add pure silk clothes and accessories to your wardrobe and feel the timeless classics.