A massive demand for silver is expected in industrial applications

The Role of Silver in Industrial Demand - Mintly

The demand for silver for welding and soldering applications is expected to grow by 23% by 2030. This is just one of the applications related to silver that will affect the future demand of this metal. The fact that silver has the unique property of being a good conductor of electricity and heat is likely to increase demand and thus affect the prices of these precious metals. This is one of the reasons why people buy silver online as an investment property. This precious metal is expected to gain more in the coming years. The nature of silver as a safe haven investment has become more evident in recent times due to crisis situations occurring one after another all over the world. The increasing use of silver in soldering and soldering is just one of the many silver stories the Silver Institute has published.

47 million ounces of silver went to welding and soldering used in 2021. This represents about 9.1% of the total industrial demand for silver. By 2030, the Silver Institute projects that various industries will use about 58.8 million ounces of silver for welding and soldering. Over the past decade, nearly half a billion ounces of silver have been consumed in the welding, and soldering process.

The report notes that the main growth in the use of silver in these applications will come from “future growth in global infrastructure, including an increase in pipelines and pipelines, and strong demand in terms of vehicles (both internal combustion engines and electric vehicles).” An increase in demand will also come from the electronics market, from HVAC systems. The latest edition of Silver News also highlights other exciting technological developments that will allow investors to buy silver online as demand for the white metal grows, along with a number of developments in the silver market. Here are some of the highlights: 

  • New York-based Global X has launched Europe’s first ETF to give investors access to the silver mining industry, company officials said. “Precious metals such as silver often have a special appeal to investors in times of heightened geopolitical uncertainty, with the potential to be a defensive asset due to the low correlation with risky traditional assets,” a Global spokesperson said. 
  • German engineers have designed an automated method for producing 3 to 5 nanometer silver nanoparticles of the appropriate size and shape, on the order of 100 billionth of a metre. Silver nanoparticles are a material that is much sought after for its antimicrobial properties, and is used in sensors and as catalysts for chemical processes, among other applications. A greater obstacle to their use is the difficulty of generating large quantities of silver nanoparticles of uniform size and shape. 

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