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“When I am with Hailey,” says her worker, “she always makes me laugh. She loves to have conversations, and she can be very funny, sometimes in a witty way.”

“When we get deep in conversation, she can become very thoughtful, asking questions about me and my career, about my 12-year-old step daughter — about what my life is like.”

A 13-year-old who loves makeup, nail products, jewelry and colorful clothes, Hailey keeps a positive outlook and enjoys many activities, including painting on canvases, bike riding, swimming and boating, shopping, playing games, watching television, and using her computer tablet.

“It was fun recently, during one of our regular virtual visits,” shared her worker, “to see her so excited because she had received some Color Street press-on style nail polishes. She truly is a very girly girl.”

She is also a very caring girl. In her spare time, Hailey volunteers at an animal shelter, and she walk dogs.

“I’d like to be a veterinarian,” she has stated.

“Hailey does well in school,” her worker says. “Her favorite subjects are science and social studies. She puts in a lot of effort because she likes to be a good student. She likes to do well at everything she does. She would flourish with a family who offers strong encouragement to try new things and who provides structure, consistency and emotional support.

“She likes to know what is coming up and loves using her calendar. She does well with structure and routine.”

Hailey’s worker believes Hailey would do best with a single female parent; two female parents; or a family with a mom and dad, with the mother being the main caretaker.

“Her sibling relationships would also need to be maintained,” her worker says, “as well as the services she receives that are allowing her to grow and thrive.”

Hailey deeply wants a forever family of her own.

“I’d like to have quality time with a forever family of my own,” she says, “and ride bikes, play games, go swimming, go on picnics, and go to my favorite restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings!”

“Having a family,” she says, “means I’d be included in family activities, always have someone to talk to, always feel loved. It means I would always have someone there for me — no matter what.”

For more information about adoption, fostering or mentoring, contact Orchards Children’s Services of Southfield at 855-694-7301, or visit www.orchards.org.


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