8 superior grocery stores for the best shopping in Edmonton


Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be a mundane task.

Whether you love to cook, want the best products, or need to find a specialty item, shopping should be a fun experience.

So why isn’t it?

It’s because shopping feels like an errand you have to do, but when you go to a specialty store or market, it’s way more of an exciting experience.

We’ve made up a list of some of the best places to grocery shop in Edmonton to make your next grocery list a fun one.

Here are eight superior grocery stores and specialty markets in Edmonton.

T&T Supermarket

This incredibly popular Canadian supermarket chain, specializing in primarily Asian foods, has three locations in Edmonton. Shoppers are able to find authentic Chinese food and many of the most popular Asian snacks and beauty products that can be incredibly hard to find elsewhere.

There’s also some epic food to try here, like the Costco hot dogs or…the IKEA hot dogs.

Address: 98882 170th Street NW #2580, Edmonton

Address: 9450 137th Avenue NW #158, Edmonton

Address: 3451 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton


Sunterra Market

With two Sunterra locations in Edmonton, this is a go-to grocery store for many. A great mix of store and market, this spot offers standard groceries, specialty items, as well as fresh and casual food served in a beautiful modern space.

Address: 201 10150 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton

Address: 5728 111th Street, Edmonton



Co-Op is a wellknown chain of stories, but it’s one of our favourites. There are plenty of specialty goods at these grocery stores, as well as well-known brands and takeout food options made daily in-house.

Address: Various Edmonton locations


Brewery City Market

The market in the Brewery District is over 40,000 sq ft and is one of the best shopping experiences in YEG. With regular grocery items, as well as fresh/specialty foods, a patisserie, deli, cheese shop, and a sushi to-go spot, it’s no wonder this market is so popular.

And did we mention it’s in the Brewery District?

Address: 12060 104th Avenue NW Unit 101, Edmonton


Fatima’s Market

This neighbourhood staple is a grocer known for its great selection of affordable and fresh produce. Not only are the products fresh and fantastic, but there is a strong focus on local sourcing, which makes sense because this is a family-owned market.

Address: 11809 66th Street, Edmonton


Habesha African Market

This is a one-of-a-kind market for Edmonton, specializing in African and Caribbean fine foods. Coffee, spices, fish, meat, and so much more can be found here so stop by and explore the flavours that would otherwise be hard to find in the city.

Address: 10418 107th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Italian Centre Shop Ltd.

Every city needs a high-quality specialty Italian market, and the Italian Centre Shop is Edmonton’s. Among the incredible standard fare you might hope for, this shop specializes in all things of the Mediterranean, like Italian mortadella sausage, Argentine Maté tea, Greek Taramasalata fish paste, and Himalayan Lake Salt.

Address: 10878 95th Street, Edmonton

Address: 5028 104a Street NW, Edmonton

Address: 17010 90th Avenue NW, Edmonton



A locally owned produce market, this is the place many people in YEG get their fruits and vegetables that are locally sourced at a fair cost. There are five locations all across Edmonton to serve as many people as possible. This is definitely one of the most reliable grocery stores for great products in the city.

Address: 17220 95th Avenue NW, Edmonton

Address: 12510 132nd Avenue NW, Edmonton

Address: 9261 34th Avenue NW #31, Edmonton

Address: 14083 Victoria Trail NW, Edmonton

Address: 6120 Terrace Road NW, Edmonton



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