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Right In Time For Earth Day, The List Recognizes 50 Change Makers In The Fashion Industry

SAN MATEO, Calif., April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — 3DLOOK, the global leader in AI-first mobile body measuring and virtual try-on solutions, have released “Fashion’s Earth Day Heroes Lookbook” that offers their in-depth look at the Top 50 sustainable fashion influencers of 2022. The list celebrates 50 changemakers who have built a reputation for empowering brands and consumers to embrace ethical and eco-friendly practices and recognize the enormous task these inspiring influencers are undertaking. These professionals are shaking up the many archaic and harmful processes used in the fashion industry and are the driving force behind sustainable innovation in fashion.

3DLOOK has become widely known for bringing sustainability to the fashion industry by reducing returns, subsequent emissions from reverse logistics, and textile waste. As a company with a mission to improve the industry’s environmental footprint, 3DLOOK endorses like-minded professionals who use their strong voice and influence to draw attention to the issues that the fashion industry is facing to inspire change.

“Having worked with hundreds of innovative, forward-thinking brands that take the lead in introducing ethical practices in fashion, we have seen firsthand that being a pioneering changemaker is by no means easy. We applaud those driving this fashion revolution and believe that their incredible achievements deserve celebrating. These leaders and influencers have been chosen because they have shown the desire to spark real shifts in the fashion industry and show that fashion and the health of our planet can go hand in hand,” said Whitney Cathcart, co-founder and chief strategy officer of 3DLOOK.

This list is composed of:

  • Fashion Brands – These businesses have changed how people perceive apparel by using environmentally sound raw materials, empowering communities around the world, and educating their consumers.
  • Journalists & Reporters – These professionals took the lead in dispelling myths about sustainability while also educating their readers about industry practices.
  • Experts in the Field – These experts use their creativity and influence to bring real change. They’ve done it all, from pushing for better regulations, to getting industry giants to change their ways.
  • Social Media Influencers – Using their influence for good, these industry mavens have shone the light on unacceptable industry practices and led revolutionary initiatives to introduce their followers to eco-friendly fashion.

For more information on how 3DLOOK defines sustainable fashion influencers and categories, identifies the top 50, and criteria for future lists, visit 3DLOOK’s website.


3DLOOK is the global leader in AI-first virtual fit solutions that drive retail innovations by providing personalized fit and size recommendations and virtual try-on for shoppers to help brands reduce returns while increasing conversion and AOV. 3DLOOK’s solutions enable innovative, personalized shopping experiences and give brands actionable insights to optimize design, product development, inventory planning, and distribution. 3DLOOK has been recognized in Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Retail Technologies, 2021, won the Digiday Technology Award and RTIH Innovation Award in 2021, LVMH Innovation Award and the IEEE Retail Digital Transformation Grand Challenge in 2019, and was recognized as one of the 2020 Pioneers of the New World. Some of the biggest names in retail, including Tailored Brands and Dickies, as well as uniform industry giants Unisync and Berkshire Hathaway’s Fechheimer Brothers have tapped 3DLOOK’s solutions.

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