25 Black-Owned Brands on Amazon: Home, Kitchen, Beauty, and Fashion

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In honor of Black History Month, Amazon created a section spotlighting Black-owned brands, from small businesses to popular celebrity-run labels, to make shopping their products and discovering new companies easier than ever. Amazon is also shining a light on the stories of many featured entrepreneurs and artisans. A visit to this special page is sure to introduce you to something new and provide a bit of inspiration, whether you’re shopping for your home, closet, or beauty collection.

While shopping may feel like a frivolous act, it’s actually one major way you can support people and organizations you care about. When you do your research and find brands with values that align with yours, shopping becomes an investment not only in a product, but in businesses you believe in. And even though shopping directly, whether it be in person or online, makes the most impact, websites like Amazon can help you find and easily buy from under-the-radar brands.

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